Degrees & Requirements

The four-year, 124-hour degree programs offer maximum flexibility with elective hours so that students can enroll in additional equine classes, explore courses in other concentrations, or pursue a double major or minor in complementary fields such as business, creative writing or photography. Students may also choose a minor in Equine Studies and pursue a major in alternate program

Courses offered:

EQST 217 Stable Management I

EQST 218 Stable Management II

EQST 224 Schooling Techniques

EQST 305 Horse Show Management

EQST 324 Methods of Teaching I

EQST 325 Beginning Training Methods

EQST 326 Equine Nutrition

EQST 327 Farrier Science

EQST 335 Equine Anatomy & Physiology

EQST 336 Methods of Teaching II

EQST 360 Conformation & Selection

EQST  417 Equine Business Management

EQST 435 Equine Health & First Aid

EQST 418 Equine Health Management

Riding Classes Offered:

EQST 101/102 Beginner Fundamentals

EQST 103/104 Show Ring Competition

EQST 201/202 Intermediate Fundamentals

EQST 203/204 Jumpers I/II

EQST 301/302 Advanced Intermediate Fundamentals

EQST 303/304 Jumpers III/IV

EQST 315/316 Applied Schooling I

EQST 322 Dressage I

EQST 323 Dressage II

EQST 352 Show Hunters

EQST 401/401 Advanced Fundamentals

EQST 403/404 Jumpers V/VI

EQST 415/416 Applied Schooling I

EQST 422 Advanced Dressage