Donate a Horse

Emory & Henry’s equestrian program is one of the top equestrian programs in the country. Donating your horse can be a great option for many owners.  

A horse outside the Equestrian Center. Horses at E&H receive excellent care and their individual needs are catered to including type of feeding, turn-out as individual, small group turn-out or large herd turn-out. We can accommodate horses that may need maintenance or special shoeing and our horse’s wellbeing is always a top priority.

Our horses typically work once per day 5-6 days per week. We have and accept horses that are beginner-type lesson horses to those that are “A” show horses.

Horses are cared for even in their golden years. We have a retirement field with a large run-in shed when the horse can no longer be ridden, but still have a great quality of life.

There are also options for horses to return to their owners or go home with an alumnus with whom they bonded while in the program once they reach this stage of life.

If you are interested in donating your horse to Emory & Henry:

  1. Please contact the Equestrian Center Director, Lisa Moosmueller-Terry at or 276-669-8398 to tell us about your horse and see if both parties feel that donation would be a good fit for you, your horse and the program. Horses under the age of 15 can be considered for donation. If your horse is over that age there are options for sending your horse on loan, contact the Director for more details.
  2. Send a video of your horse.
  3. Provide us with as much information about your horse as you can (behavior, special needs, normal routine, shoeing, soundness issues, and veterinary records).
  4. Horses can then be shipped to the equestrian center for a 2-week trial, shipping for the trial is the owner’s responsibility. Horses entering our facility must have proof of inoculations within 12 months for West Nile Virus, Rabies, Strangles, EWV Encephalitis, Tetanus, Potomac Horse Fever, and Botulism. Proof of EHV-1 vaccination within 90 days is also required. Horse must have a current Coggins and health certificate. During the trial period, the horses are on loan to the college.

    The address of the Equestrian Center is:
    Intermont Equestrian at Emory & Henry 
    20432 Stables Road Bristol, VA 24202

  5. If after the trial we move forward with the donation the owner must decide if they wish to value the horse at or above $5000. If so, the owner must retain an appraisal from a certified equine appraiser. (The horse may stay on loan past the 2-week trial while the appraisal is done).
  6. When we receive the appraisal the owner will receive a letter from both the Equestrian Center Director and the Institutional Advancement office acknowledging the donation of the horse. If requested an 8283 form will also be sent to the owner. At this point the donation is final.
  7. If you wish to value your horse under $5000 an appraisal is not required, but you will still receive acknowledgment of your donation.