Exercise is Medicine!

Emory & Henry College is pleased to announce the launching of a new undergraduate degree in Exercise Science!

The new Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree provides students with classroom and laboratory experiences that examine the body’s physiological responses to exercise, the role of regular physical activity in maintaining health and wellness, and the chronic health conditions that are associated with physical inactivity (i.e., heart disease, diabetes, obesity).

Students have two degree-track options to choose from:

  • Fitness & Wellness Track

    Intended for students who are interested in the fields of commercial fitness, corporate wellness, health clubs, or strength and conditioning. This track includes 19 hours of electives, which will also enable students to earn a minor in a related course of study. 
  • Clinical Health Professions Track 

    Prepares students for graduate study in the health professions (i.e., athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant studies) or employment in health-related fields. This degree track includes the prerequisites that are typically required for admission to most health professions graduate programs.

Both degree tracks will also prepare students for graduate study in related fields such as nutrition and dietetics, exercise physiology, kinesiology, public health, and health promotion.