Degrees & Requirements

Major Students Foreign Languages, Spring 2017Major Students Foreign Languages, Spring 2017


Our curriculum leads to Bachelor of Arts degrees in five distinct tracks.                           

  • French and Francophone Studies (B.A.)

  • French and International Commerce (B.A.)

  • French - Teacher Preparation (B.A.) 

  • Hispanic Studies (B.A.)

  • Spanish - Teacher Preparation (B.A.)

In addition to these degrees, our classes are an integral part of the College’s core curriculum. We offer on-campus courses in:                         

  • Chinese (Mandarin)

  • French

  • Greek

  • Latin                           

  • Spanish (and online Summer school)

We also offer some distance-learning courses through the Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges (VFIC) language exchange program. The list of distance-learning courses include:

  • Arabic

  • German

  • Russian

Please, see below the course check-list for French and Spanish.

French Program Check-listFrench Program Check-list


Spanish Program Check-listSpanish Program Check-list