Resources & Opportunities

Student speaking at the Climate Change Rally.

Our students are out in the world. Changing it.

Why are we here? What purpose do we have here on the planet? Our students explore the deepest questions as we also learn the science necessary to address the problems.

We are committed to sending out into the world graduates who can have fulfilling careers in Geography, Earth Science and Environmental Science and Policy.

Our faculty take students on field trips to National Parks but also local trips to small creeks in trouble. Our students love to explore Virginia’s highest mountains but also the South’s coastal barrier islands and swamps.


Recent research by our students has improved understanding of the imperiled Hellbender salamander, the power of Southeastern Conference Football, the fate of endangered aquatic mussel species, the policies of climate protection in the USA, the pattern of home gardening in Virginia, the geography of suicide in Africa, and the causes of stream pollution in the Holston River. We have research funds for students to carry out independent study of any subject they choose.


We have a wide range of instruments for environmental monitoring and also for mapping of resources and geology. We use various kinds of GPS units as well as a professional theodolite for mapping. Our Geo Info Systems lab uses the most up-to-date ArcMap software. See our page on the Bartlett-Crowe Field Station for information on the equipment there.