Lettuce grown in the Emory & Henry Garden

Emory & Henry Garden

Class is always outside for students who work in the
Emory & Henry Garden.

The E&H Garden is many things to many people. For students in the Food Studies minor or one of the Organic Food Production courses, it’s the classroom. For other students the garden is a place to get outside and connect with the land, a way to give back to the community through food, or just simply one of the most pleasant spots on campus.

All students are welcome to work in the garden either through class or simply as volunteers. The hundreds of pounds of food produced annually using organic methods serves four Head Start early childhood development programs, local restaurants and even E&H students at the cafeteria.

In addition to a wide variety of crops from carrots to cabbages and tomatoes to basil, over the years students working in the garden have also raised mushrooms, honey bees, flowers and apples and provided a habitat for birds. Adjunct Prof. Tamara McNaughton, a local farmer and gardener, works in the garden and welcomes all students, regardless of whether they have any experience.

Get Involved!

There are two ways to get involved. You can take Organic Food Production (ENVS 206) or Advanced Organic Food Production (ENVS 207), or simply volunteer! To sign up email Prof. Tamara McNaughton.

Follow the E&H Garden on Instagram to see what we’re harvesting today.