Internships & In-Class Opportunities

Internships and various in-class assignments offer experiential learning opportunities for HHP students.

2017 Internship Stories:

cg Connor Gibbs completed her internship with the E&H Athletic Department. Connor said of her experience, “My favorite part was getting to work and see all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that goes on before, during, and after all the sporting events. This internship definitely helped me decide which field I want to go into after I graduate.”


aj A.J. Hampton completed his internship with the E&H Football Team. A.J. said of his experience, “As a hopeful college coach, I believe this experience will definitely help me handle the underachieving seasons that I may face in the future. Every season won’t go as planned and going through this help prepare for how to handle those seasons and bounce back in a positive way.”



HHP 430 Trip to Bristol Motor Speedway

BMS 2017

HHP 430 Olde Farm Trip 2017 NB

HHP 430 Dig Pink Event fd

HHP 335 & 336 In-Class Activities