Facilities & Opportunities

Poster presentation during ScienceFest

The Health Sciences curriculum is delivered on the Emory campus. 


Pre-Health Club

Extend your classroom experience by being active with the PreHealth Club. This extra-curricular program offers opportunities to meet other students, participate in health-related volunteer work, gain leadership experience, and more! 

Pre-Health Professional Concentration

The goal of the Pre-Health Professional Concentration is to provide structured opportunities for career discernment and professional preparation for students intending to pursue graduate health professions.

To achieve these goals, the program has the following objectives.

  1. Students will explore the differences among clinical health professions and the types of coursework and preparation required to enter the appropriate professional schools.
  2. Students will complete shadowing and/ or internships to gain experience in a variety of clinical settings.
  3. Students will obtain relevant certifications including CPR and first aid.
  4. Students will gain preparation for entrance exams and interviews in preparation for application to pre-professional programs.