Why Health Sciences at E&H?

Vaccination clinic on Campus

The undergraduate health science program builds on the excellence of both the E&H School of Health Science and the E&H Natural Science Division to prepare tomorrow’s professionals. 

 You will gain hands-on experience in labs and develop a strong basic science foundation while also working with clinical professionals and gaining exposure to the wide variety of factors affecting healthcare, health, and wellness.

As part of your education, you will:

  • explore social determinants of health and foundations of population health.
  • explore societal and global factors affecting individual and population health through the lens of the College’s CORE Curriculum.
  • explore health information, research methods, and data analysis through classroom experience and possible research experience.
  • explore ethical and policy issues related to health care decisions and health care administration.
  • gain a strong foundation in relevant Natural Sciences.
  • gain direct experience through an internship and/or research project.
  • be exposed to the interdisciplinary nature of Health Sciences through a diverse liberal arts curriculum.