Degrees & Requirements

History. B.A.

This degree provides students with an integrated path of study that includes surveys of various historical regions and periods, the techniques of historical research and writing, and practical and professional experience. 

Interdisciplinary History and Social Sciences and Teacher Preparation. B.A. 

This degree serves the needs of students seeking teaching licensure in history and social sciences or preparing for careers or advanced study in social science fields. Students pursuing this track must choose from these options: Interdisciplinary History and Integrative Social Sciences & Teacher Preparation – PK-6, 6-8; Interdisciplinary History and Social Sciences for Teacher Preparation – Secondary 6-12; or Applied History and Social Sciences.  

Applied History and Social Sciences. B.A.

This degree provides students with broad experience in history and social science theory and practice in preparation for advanced studies, professional schools, or careers with state and federal governments, non-profit foundations, or other organizations. 

History. Minor. 

Students may minor in history to complement their primary major.

Public History Certificate.

This degree provides students with special training and practical experience for careers in public history. This certificate is available to students majoring in any discipline.

American History. M.A. Ed. 

This graduate program is designed for current teachers and for undergraduates seeking to acquire a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years.