Why Mass Communications at E&H?

MCOM students in mac lab

A Unique Program

The B.A. in Mass Communications at Emory & Henry is unique in that students do not choose specialty tracks or sequences in a particular media field. Instead, the broad-based curriculum will prepare you for a wide variety of career opportunities and will still allow you to develop expertise in an area of interest. Combined with one or more internships, our graduates are well-prepared for today’s job market.

Rich Media Experience

Part of the rich educational opportunity for mass communications majors at Emory & Henry is the number of media outlets in which you can participate. Campus Media includes The Whitetopper student newspaper, The Sphinx student yearbook, WEHC-FM 90.7, and EHC-TV departmental television studio. Many of our students also find media-related work experience on and off campus. While one internship is required for the mass communications degree, some of our majors work in a variety of professional settings before they graduate.

More Career Choices

The B.A. in Mass Communications prepares students for careers in journalism (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and Web) and persuasive communication (such as strategic communication, marketing, and advertising). Students learn how to communicate visually through graphic design, and they develop creative production skills for radio, television, and film. Our graduates then secure rewarding jobs across the region and the country, while their broad-based education positions them for career advancement and growth.