Degrees & Requirements

The Math Department offers several tracks.  

In addition to completing other college requirements, students will elect the following classes offered by the department.

  • The interdisciplinary degree prepares the student to teach, especially mathematics, in grades K-8.  Students in this track will take Calculus I, Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, Geometry, Elementary Math Education, and Math History.
  • Earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree is elected by students who wish to learn mathematics without, necessarily, preparing for a career in STEM.  These students will complete the calculus sequence (I, II, and III), Introduction to Math Reasoning, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Introduction to Real Variables, four additional elective courses offered by the department.
  • Those who wish to teach at the secondary level will follow our teaching track, in which, they both complete a bachelor’s degree in math and prepare to lead a classroom of their own.  Students in this track will complete the calculus sequence (I, II, and III), Introduction to Math Reasoning, Mathematical Statistics, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra,  and Math History along with three additional courses.
  • Those students who wish to complete a Bachelor of Science in mathematics must complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts and, in addition to earning four more credits than the 120 for the B.A. must also complete a minor in science.  Students with this degree have gone on to a wide variety of careers, but this track is especially favored by those like many of our graduates who would like to pursue graduate degrees in some STEM field, in particular, engineering.