Why Math at E&H?

At Emory & Henry, the Focus is on You

Over the past 10 years, Emory & Henry has averaged twice the number of graduating math majors per its size than the national average.  There are many reasons for this.  First, the department faculty and instructors are devoted first and foremost to the education and mentoring of its students and majors.  Second,  we are never satisfied with good enough here.  And third the faculty and instructors have all chosen to work here because Emory & Henry’s small size and student-centered culture enable us to be more effective and to enjoy what we do more than any other college we can name.

Although passionate about the discipline of mathematics, the math department’s faculty is committed first and foremost to the education and mentoring of their students.  All of the current faculty have spent most of their careers in education.  Dr. Iskra, for example, has taught at nearly every grade level, from Kindergarten to University over his 30 year career.  Similarly, Dr. Hall spent many years as an elementary school teacher before working for the college full-time.  Dr. Carroll wrote a funded grant for the members of the department and two alumni who are currently middle school teachers to spend a week in Palo Alto learning about the innovative and effective idea of math circles, which bring together college faculty and inservice math teachers to solve interesting math problems in ways which change the teachers’ and, thus, their students’ idea of what math is.  We use these ideas here in the department with our own students.  She also regularly attends conferences devoted to inquiry based learning and the Moore method.  Again these pedagogies have found frequent use in our teaching here in the department.