Degrees & Requirements

The music department seeks to provide opportunities for students to grow into independent, informed and creative musicians who will serve as advocates for our art in and out of the music profession.

Music Major Degree

Whether you are interested in attending graduate school in music or beginning a career as a public school music teacher, a major in music at E&H can lead you toward those goals with a specialization in any of the following areas:
• B.A. in Music  

• B.A. in Music—Performance: (piano, voice and brass)  

• B.A. in Music—Teacher Preparation (vocal, choral and instrumental, K–12)  

Music Minor Degree

A minor in music is also available to those who wish to major in another area but are interested in studying music beyond the fundamental, introductory level.

Music Classes & Courses

The E&H Music Department courses involve critical examination of the language, ideas and contexts of various types of music, providing the E&H student with a foundation for making informed musical judgments. Whether you intend to become a performer or increase your enjoyment as an audience member, there are courses in the music department that will guide you toward your goals. Music history, music theory, and church music classes are offered every year, as well as private lessons in a variety of areas. Topical courses such as Lyric Diction, Piano Literature and Pedagogy, Conducting, Jazz History, and others are offered on a frequent basis.