Our graduates are occupation-centered, and possess leadership, advocacy, critical thinking and professional reasoning skills that will enable them to serve and meet the occupational therapy needs of diverse communities.

Graduates will have necessary skills to work in a variety of settings—including rural healthcare settings—to meet the needs of those who are underserved in areas of health disparities.

  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/875-when-does-the-mot-program-interview-applicants">When does the MOT Program interview applicants each year?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">The MOT Program typically begins interviewing applicants in January and may continue through March of each year. Usually, all seats will be filled by the end of March. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/870-do-i-need-to-have-all-prerequisites-completed-when">Do I need to have all prerequisites completed when I apply to the MOT Program?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">No. You can have up to three prerequisite courses not completed for your application to be considered for review. If you are accepted into the program then all prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the fall semester start. A minimum of “C” grade is required for any prerequisite course and the average GPA for prerequisites must be a 3.0. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/868-where-is-the-eamph-mot-program-located">Where is the E&H MOT Program located?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">The MOT Program is located at 565 Radio Hill Road in Marion, Virginia 24354. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/874-to-apply-to-the-mot-program-what-type-of-bachelors">To apply to the MOT Program, what type of Bachelor’s degree is required?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Each student must complete a Bachelor’s degree prior to the program start. There is no specific type of degree required as long as all prerequisites are completed. Typical type of degrees that OT students have include education, exercise science, kinesiology, psychology, health sciences, etc. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/867-does-the-otcas-application-require-references">Does the OTCAS application require references?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Yes, the MOT program requires 3 references to be submitted to OTCAS. At least one of these references must be from an occupational therapist. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/866-does-the-mot-program-require-a-supplemental-fee">Does the MOT Program require a supplemental fee for application?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Yes, there is a $30 supplemental fee that is due when you apply to the MOT program. Contact Tracie Rinehardt for additional information at: <a href="mailto:trindhardt@ehc.edu">trinehardt@ehc.edu</a>.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/877-to-apply-to-the-mot-program-is-there-a-minimum-gpa">To apply to the MOT Program, is there a minimum GPA to be considered?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">The MOT Program requires a minimum of an overall GPA to be at least 2.75 and the average GPA for prerequisites is 3.0. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/590-what-type-of-healthcare-related-experience-is">What type of healthcare related experience is needed to apply to the MOT Program?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">A minimum of 40 observation hours with an occupational therapist are required. These hours can be through an internship or volunteer or work experience. Only the hours spent with an occupational therapist will be accepted for this minimum.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/865-how-do-i-apply-to-the-mot-program">How do I apply to the MOT Program?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">You can apply to the MOT Program through <a href="https://otcas.liaisoncas.com/applicant-ux/#/login" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">OTCAS</a>. Applications open in July each year and close in early December. Check the Admission process information on the website for details.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/876-is-there-a-certain-timeline-in-which-the">Is there a certain timeline in which the prerequisite courses must be completed?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">The MOT Program recommends that prerequisite courses be completed within the last 7 years. If prerequisites were completed longer than 7 years ago then the MOT Admission Committee will review this on a case by case basis. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/871-does-the-mot-program-offer-a-part-time-option">Does the MOT Program offer a part-time option?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">No. The MOT Program is a full-time lock step program. A student must complete all required courses for seven consecutive semesters. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/869-what-is-the-status-of-accreditation-for-the-mot">What is the status of accreditation for the MOT Program?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">The entry-level occupational therapy master’s degree program has applied for accreditation and has been granted <strong>Candidacy Status</strong> by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (<abbr title="Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education">ACOTE</abbr>) of the American Occupational Therapy Association (<abbr title="American Occupational Therapy Association">AOTA</abbr>). <a class="faq-widget-link link-with-arrow yellow" href="/live/blurbs/869-what-is-the-status-of-accreditation-for-the-mot" title="What is the status of accreditation for the MOT Program?" aria-label="What is the status of accreditation for the MOT Program?">More info</a></div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/872-can-i-apply-to-the-mot-program-even-though-i-have">Can I apply to the MOT Program even though I have not completed a Bachelor’s degree yet?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Yes, you can still apply. You must complete your Bachelor’s degree prior to the fall semester start of the program.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/873-what-is-your-gre-code-for-otcas">What is your GRE code for OTCAS?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">The E&H MOT Program GRE code for OTCAS is: #7409.</div></aside>

The entry-level occupational therapy master’s degree program has applied for accreditation and has been granted Candidacy Status by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), located at 4720 Montgomery Lane, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814-3449. ACOTE’s telephone number c/o AOTA is (301) 652-AOTA and its Web address is www.acoteonline.org.