Student Organization


The purpose of the Emory & Henry College Student Occupational Therapy Association is to encourage professional development, to enhance the educational experience for students within the MOT program, provide service and outreach within the community, work as a bridge between faculty, surrounding communities, and students, promote health and wellness within the area, and offer students an opportunity to engage in professional activities such as attending local, regional, and national conferences and workshops.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lynne Umbarger 

SOTA Officers 2018-2019
President:              Lizzy Wilkinson
Vice Pres:              Avery Vice
Secretary:              Caylin Graham
Treasurer:              Jeff Arnold
Historian:             Morganne Troutman
Service Chair:       Lauren Nance
Fundraising Ch:   Kelly Leonhardt
Intramural Chair: Brittany Saetre
Social Chair:         Katlyn Connor
SOTA Officers 2016-2018
President:              Blake Brettelle
Vice Pres:              Kelli Landreth
Secretary:              Meg Rush
Treasurer:              Brittany Bowers
Historian:             Alex Fung
                             Danielle Stafford
Service Chair:       Michelle Kelly
Fundraising Ch:   Abbey Abraham
Intramural Chair: Katie Lee
Social Chair:         Katie McKinney