Degrees & Requirements

  • Philosophy (B.A.)

    PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
    PHIL 201 Ethics (3)
    PHIL 211 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3)
    PHIL 212 History of Modern Philosophy (3)
    PHIL 231 Techniques of Reasoning (3)
    PHIL 314 Twentieth Century Philosophy (3)
    PHIL 480 Senior Project (3)
    Three additional courses in Philosophy* (9)
    Total 30
    Additional Requirement: (3-4)
    MATH 121 or above, OR
    STAT 161, 162 or 163

    *Chosen in consultation with the advisor.

    The senior project requires research, development of a personal methodological stance, and application of analytical skills.

  • Minor in Philosophy

    A student may minor in philosophy by completing 101, 211, 212, 231, and two other philosophy courses chosen in consultation with the department chair.

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