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Admission Statement

Meeting the needs of our region’s diverse patient population requires diversity among those health care providers who serve them. To meet these needs, the Admissions Committee will give additional consideration to those students who are from or who have worked with the following: medically underserved areas or populations either regionally from rural areas, such as middle Appalachia or other comparable urban or rural areas across the country, and/or educationally disadvantaged groups. Additional consideration will also be given to second career students and first-generation college students.

Admission criteria for the Physical Therapy Program will continue to emphasize academic excellence. However, in fulfilling the mission and vision of Emory & Henry College to serve the underserved, additional factors will also be considered and some preference will be given to applications from individuals who are underrepresented in the healthcare professions such as those that come from or serve in underserved areas, from nontraditional students and from students who represent the first in their families to pursue higher education.

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Prerequisite Requirements

Prerequisite Courses

The prerequisite course requirements are shown in the table below. Applicants should have successfully completed all of the prerequisite requirements, either as part of their baccalaureate degree or independently, prior to starting the Program in the Fall semester.

Required Courses Credit Hours Additional Information
Human Anatomy 4 Lab component required (online labs not accepted)
Human Physiology 4 Lab component required (online labs not accepted)
Biology** 8 Lab components required (online labs not accepted)
Chemistry 8 Lab components required (online labs not accepted)
Physics 8 Lab components required (online labs not accepted)
Statistics 3 Can be from biology, mathematics, psychology, or business. NOTE: if a psychology course is used to meet this requirement it cannot also be used for the psychology requirement.
Medical Terminology 1-3 This includes obtaining a passing grade in a medical terminology course from an academic institution, demonstrating that you have completed a medical terminology “unit” as a part of another course from an academic institution, taking a hospital-based course on medical terminology which results in a certificate of completion or demonstrating that you have completed a web-based medical terminology continuing education course approved by the department.
Psychology 6 Two courses in Psychology; cannot count a Psychology course for both Statistics and Psychology requirements. 
Social Sciences 3 Courses that will fulfill this requirement include sociology, philosophy, ethics, etc..

** Accepted Biology Prerequisite Courses (Lab component required in all courses)

  • Biology I with lab
  • Biology II with lab
  • Cell Biology with lab
  • General Biology I with lab
  • General Biology II with lab
  • Microbiology with lab
  • Biology Immunology with lab
  • Molecular Biology with lab
  • Biology Embryology with lab
  • Biology Histology with lab


If you have any questions regarding possible substitute courses for the required prerequisites then send your question along with the course number and course description to Tracie Rinehardt at or by calling 276-944-6791


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