Program Outcomes

Graduation Rates, Employment Rates, Pass Rates on Licensing Examinations, and other outcome measures are provided as they become available for each cohort.

Donning our doctoral hoods

  • Class of 2018
    Inaugural White Coat Ceremony for DPT program


    • Graduation Rate: 96.5%

    • NPTE (licensure exam) First Time Pass Rate: 82.1%

    • NPTE Ultimate Pass Rate: 96.4%

    • Employment rate within 6 months of graduation of those seeking employment within that time frame: 100%

  • Class of 2019
    White Coats DPT


    • Graduation rate: 97%

    • NPTE (licensure exam) first-time pass rate: 84.4%

    • NPTE Ultimate Pass rate: 93.8%

    • Employment outcomes data will be available in November.