Accepted Students Info

Info and Useful Resources for Incoming Students

How to Submit Your Application Fee and Admissions Deposit

  • Applications will not be reviewed by the Program until the non-refundable $30.00 application fee is submitted.
  • Candidates invited to join the program need to remit a non-refundable $500.00 deposit to hold their seat. 
  • Application Fees and Admissions Deposits (for accepted candidates) can be paid via check, money order, or credit card.
    • For payment by check or money order, mail a check or money order to Emory & Henry College at: Emory & Henry College Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327. Please make sure to include your specific CASPA application number on the check or money order.
    • For payment by credit/debit card, call our Centralized Student Assistance (CSA) office: 276-944-6113. Please make sure to provide your specific CASPA application number when calling in your payment.
    • For payment online please follow one of the two links:

Textbook Requirements*

Click here to see all didactic-phase courses along with required text(s) per course.
Click here to access the E&H Library’s AccessMedicine ‘database’ to view required texts at no cost to students.
*Please keep in mind these textbook requirements are subject to change at any time. 

Additional Resources

Click here for useful additional resources for accepted/incoming students (these resources are for your reference).

These additional resources include the following:

  • Boot Camp Schedule

  • Didactic Phase Block Schedules

  • Laptop Computer Specifications

  • List of Advanced Clinical Procedures Training

  • Our Program’s Content Blueprint

  • Student Handbooks

Our Week-Long Boot Camp and Orientation Session

During the first week of the didactic-phase, the MPAS Program has a required boot camp/orientation session. This boot camp is specifically designed to help prepare incoming students for the rigorous program and experiential activities at the Mel Leaman Free Clinic at Emory & Henry. All students are required to have subscriptions to American Family Physician and Prescriber’s Letter beginning on the second day of Bootcamp. will include the following:

  • Orientation to the Mel Leaman Free Clinic at Emory & Henry College
  • Supplemental Lectures in Anatomy, Medical Physiology, and/or Clinical Medicine to acquaint students with faculty teaching and testing styles

  • Specific Training on the Following: 

    • Airborne and Bloodborne Pathogens, Universal Precautions, and Hand Hygiene for Infection Control

    • Ethical Issues

    • FERPA and Student Privacy

    • ALICE, Fire and Life Safety

    • HIPAA & Healthcare Professional Communication

    • Safety Data Sheets

  • Introduction to Team-Based Learning

  • Introduction to the Kelly Library resources, including but not limited to our electronic databases and texts. 
  • Introduction to the Powell Resource Center resources.
  • Workshops on notetaking, study, and medical textbook/article reading skills all designed to increase effectiveness while also shorten the amount of time students spend on studying and reading.

  • Workshops on test-taking skills including mock exams

  • Workshops on self-care and life as a PA Student

Required Pre-Matriculation Reading List

Given the program’s emphasis on Mindfulness, students are required to read one of the below books prior to bootcamp. We will be discussing these in bootcamp via a team-based learning activity.

  1. Bays, J. C. (2011). How to train a wild elephant: And other adventures in mindfulness. Boulder, CO: Shambhala Publications.
  2. Epstein, R. (2017). Attending: Medicine, mindfulness, and humanity. New York, NY: Scribner.
  3. Verghese, A. (1995). My own country. Vintage.
  4. Groopman, J. (2008). How doctors think. Mariner Books
  5. Shem, S. (1985) The house of God. TransWorld Publishers.

Tentative Didactic Semester Start & End Dates*

  • Bootcamp/Orientation Week 2019 (1 week): May 13 - May 17
  • White Coat Ceremony 2019: May 20
  • Summer Semester 2019 (12 weeks + Finals Week): May 20 - Aug 16
  • Fall Semester 2019 (15 weeks + Finals Week): Aug 26 - Dec 20
  • Spring Semester 2020 (15 weeks + Finals Week): Jan 6 - May 1
  • Summer Semester 2020: May 18 (start date)

*During the clinical phase of training, students complete their supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs) following a month to month calendar schedule and not the above academic calendar schedule.