Accepted Students Info

Info and Useful Resources for Incoming Students

Our Bootcamp and Orientation Session

The week prior to our first day of class, the Program has a required boot camp/orientation session taking place. The boot camp is designed to help prepare incoming students for the rigorous program and will include the following:

  • Workshop on study skills
  • Mini-lectures on clinical medicine topics with built-in training on how to best attend to lectures, take notes, and encode information for accurate retrieval
  • Workshop on test-taking skills including mock exams related to the mini-lectures with built-in exam review sessions
  • Workshop  on study groups
  • Workshop on self-care and life as a PA Student

Click here to access the tentative Bootcamp/Orientation Session Schedule

MPAS Program's 2018 Bootcamp/Orientation Schedule

Required Pre-Matriculation Reading List

Below is a list of readings that we believe will be useful to our incoming students. Some of these are required and will be discussed during our ‘Bootcamp’ Orientation Session. Others are recommended by individual faculty who are particularly fond of the books. Regardless, if you have the energy and time, feel free to read everything.

Of the following required prereading, choose and read ONE of the following books. We will discuss these in groups during our Orientation session as part of your intro to team-based learning.

  1. Bays, J. C. (2011). How to train a wild elephant: And other adventures in mindfulness. Boulder, CO: Shambhala Publications.
  2. Epstein, R. (2017). Attending: Medicine, mindfulness, and humanity. New York, NY: Scribner.
  3. Farmer, P. (2013). To repair the world: Paul Farmer speaks to the next generation. University of California Press.
  4. Galanti, G. (2014). Caring for patients from different cultures. Philadelphia, PA. University of Pennsylvania Press.
  5. Verghese, A. (1994). My Own Country: A doctor’s story. New York, NY: Vintage Books.

Tentative Didactic Semester Start and End Dates


  • Bootcamp/Orientation Week 2018 (1 week): May 14 - May 18
  • Summer Semester 2018 (12 weeks): May 21 - Aug 17
  • Fall Semester 2018 (15 weeks): Aug 27 - Dec 20
  • Spring Semester 2019 (15 weeks): Jan 7 - May 4

*During the clinical phase of training, students complete their supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs) following a month to month calendar schedule and not the above academic calendar schedule.