Internships are required of majors.

Research, whether with E&H faculty, via summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) at participating universities and national laboratories, or projects with community partners is encouraged. 

In the past, special studies have involved examining the effects of dynamical noise on symbol statistics, solving theoretical physics problems using the Mathematica language, and studying nonlinear dynamics (chaos) from the physicist’s perspective. 

Student-built barometer on wall of library with spectators awaiting the play.A recent project involved a full-scale re-enactment of a historic experiment carried out by Pascal in 1646 to demonstrate the principles of barometric pressure to an outdoor audience. The barometer was hand-built by physics students and the outdoor play was performed during Ampersand Day.

Currently, several students are engaged in a project to develop an automated light delivery system to crops aimed at increasing yield and thus potentially boosting the local industry. 

Theoretical Projects

Students working on project

Experimental Projects

Students taking data at the telescope

2018 Photo-therapy Project

E&H students listening to hops farmer Justen Dick in a hops field.E&H students listening to hops farmer Justen Dick in a hops field.

Photo-therapy for plantsPhoto-therapy for plantsPhoto-therapy illumination for crops.Photo-therapy illumination for crops.