Resources & Opportunities


A computerized general physics laboratory allows students to use motion detectors, force probes, timing devices, radiation counters, and light/sound sensors as they work through the many laboratory-based activities embedded in physics courses.

Laser experimentLaser experiment

Apparatus and software:

Equipment available to students includes the Creed-Fulton observatory with a 16” research-grade telescope, several small telescopes, a CCD camera for astrophotography, a holographic optical bench, multipurpose analog-to-digital boards, electronics prototyping boards, a darkroom, and access to a machine shop. Software includes Mathematica, Videopoint, Voyager 4.5, and other analog-to-digital analysis programs, as well as many simulation software.

Students working the telescope controls.Students working the telescope controls.


Internships are required for physics majors.

Research with faculty or participation in summer research programs is encouraged.