Resources & Opportunities

From choosing a healthcare profession, to scholarships and summer internships, there are many opportunities available to Pre-Health students at Emory & Henry. 

CNA Students working with a patient

Preparation for entering any of the healthcare professions requires a great deal of personal sacrifice and hard work – and they should!

Caring for the lives of individuals, and animals in the case of veterinarians is critical work that must be performed by smart, caring, and conscientious individuals.

Admissions Agreements

Emory & Henry has multiple agreements that guarantee interviews/admissions for our graduates. You can explore the details of these below:

  • E&H Doctor of Physical Therapy Early Assurance Program (DPT-EAP)
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    Up to ten qualifying students can gain admission to the E&H DPT program as a high school senior! 

    Initial Admissions Criteria: 

    • General Application to Emory & Henry College
    • Also, Complete the Early Assurance Program Application which includes an essay
    • Must be a high school senior enrolling in the fall semester immediately after graduation
    • Minimum High School GPA: 3.3 (4.0 scale)
    • SAT/ACT minimum: 1150/25
    • On-site Interviews will be selected for up to 25 applicants

    Applying during your first year at E&H?  Use this application

    Continuing Consideration Criteria:

    • Yearly review of each student in the program related to their conditional acceptance
    • Maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5  or last 60 hour cumulative GPA of 3.5
    • Prerequisite GPA of 3.0
    • GRE Qualification - minimum 300 combined and analytical writing score of 3.5

     More details and information about the DPT-EAP can be found here.

  • Master of Science in Athletic Training Guaranteed Admissions - University of Lynchburg
    University of Lynchburg logo

    Emory & Henry College is pleased to offer a guaranteed acceptance articulation agreement into the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) at the University of Lynchburg for qualifying students completing their undergraduate degree at Emory & Henry.

    In order to qualify, the E&H student must: 

    • Graduate with a baccalaureate degree from E&H with a minimum overall GPA of 3.25 within the last 7 years
    • Earn a B- or greater in all prerequisite coursework:
      • Human Anatomy & Physiology (8 credit hours)
      • Chemistry (4 credit hours)
      • Biology (4 credit hours)
      • Exercise Physiology (4 credit hours)
      • Psychology or Sport Psychology (3-4 credit hours)
      • Physics or Kinesiology or Biomechanics (3-4 credit hours)
      • Statistics (3-4 credit hours)
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Completion of UL graduate application or the ATCAS application
    • Current Emergency Cardiac Care certification for the professional rescuer
    • Successful interview with MSAT admission committee

    Interested students should submit an intent to apply to Dr. Debbie Bradney, the MSAT department chair by December 1 of the year prior to the start date. 

    Admission materials, including payment of fees, must be submitted by January 15. 

    This guarantee is available for 1 qualifying student each year. 

    For more information, please contact: 
    Dr. Beth Funkhouser

    Dr. DC Cobler
  • Via College of Medicine- Guaranteed Interview
    VCOM Logo
    Via College of Medicine offers a guaranteed interview for qualified applicants from Emory & Henry College. 


    • 3.5 GPA (Science Pre-Requisites & Overall)
    • 80 hours of Healthcare observation (40 must be completed by the time of application)
    • 80 hours of Service (40 must be completed by the time of application)
    • Apply for Early Admissions through AACOMAS by September 1. 
    For more information contact Dr. Beth Funkhouser or Dr. Chris Qualls
  • Via College of Medicine- Rocovich Scholars Early Admission
    VCOM Logo

    Via College of Osteopathic Medicine is pleased to offer the Rocovich Scholars Early Admission Program.  

    This program would accept five qualifying students from Emory & Henry College for guaranteed admission to VCOM upon satisfactorily completing their undergraduate degree. 

    Qualifications for Application

    • 3.5 GPA in Pre-Requisite Science courses and Overall
    • 1100 SAT/24 ACT
    • At least 40 hours of documented healthcare observation
    • At least 40 hours of documented community service

    Interested students would apply and interview for program admission during the spring of their Sophomore year. 

    **Program is discontinuing in 2024-25** Only current Sophomore students will be eligible to apply. 

    For more information contact Dr. Christy Fleet or Dr. Beth Funkhouser

  • Kentucky College of Optometry at the University of Pikeville
    University of Pikeville Seal

    Doctor of Optometry Early Admission Program

    Kentucky College of Optometry at University of Pikeville

    • Three seats are reserved annually for qualifying E&H students. 

    Admissions criteria*: 

    • Completion of core and pre-requisite coursework with a grade of “C” or better
    • 3.25 GPA  (Cumulative and Science) 
    • Three letters of recommendation
      • Pre-Health Professions Committee Member
      • Pre-Health Advisor
      • Science faculty member
    • Score at or above 300 average on the Optometry Admission test by January 15th of the third year of study at Emory & Henry. 
    • Successful Interview

    *This program is highly competitive, meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.


    Prerequisite Coursework Credit hours
    Calculus or two semesters of College Math 3-6 semester hours
    Physics with Lab 8 semester hours
    Biology or Zoology with Lab 8 semester hours
    General Chemistry with Lab 8 semester hours
    Organic Chemistry with Lab 4 semester hours
    English  6 semester hours
    Psychology 3 semester hours
    For more information contact Dr. Beth Funkhouser 
  • Appalachian College of Pharmacy Priority Admission
    Appalachian College of Pharmacy Logo

    Emory & Henry is pleased to be in partnership with the Appalachian College of Pharmacy to offer a Priority Admission agreement for our students. 

    This would allow a qualifying student to simultaneously earn a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees in six years total. 

    To apply for Priority Admission to the Appalachian College of Pharmacy (ACP)

    An E&H Student must: 

    • File a letter of intent with E&H and ACP declaring interest in admission to the ACP Priority Admission Program
    • Successfully interview
    • Apply to ACP by January 1 of their junior year at E&H.
    • Complete 72 semester credit hours 
    • Earn a C or better in all prerequisite courses.
    • All prerequisites must be completed prior to matriculating

    For more information, contact: 
    Dr. Beth Funkhouser,  prehealth director  OR 

    Dr. Jamie Ferguson, pre-pharmacy advisor

  • ETSU Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy Priority Admission
    ETSU Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy Logo

    The Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy at East Tennessee State University offers priority admission for E&H students who are completing a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. 

    • Students with a 3.0 GPA will qualify for a guaranteed interview
    • Students with a 3.4 GPA may qualify for conditional admission
    • Students should apply for early decision for their anticipated start year

    Two program admission options:

    1. Traditional application in senior year to begin Pharmacy students after completing undergraduate requirements.
    2. The application can occur during the third year of undergraduate studies and the student would complete the BA degree in Chemistry while completing the first year of Pharmacy studies. 
    For more information contact Dr. Beth Funkhouser
  • Shenandoah University- Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy Priority Admission
    Shenandoah University

    The Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy at Shenandoah University offers priority admission for five E&H students per admissions cycle. 

    • PCAT composite score in the 50th percentile or greater
    • A grade of “C” or better in all prerequisite credits
    • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
    • Interview with and a letter of recommendation from the Dean of the School of Pharmacy
    • Two letters of recommendation from E&H Faculty members
    • One letter of recommendation from a healthcare provider
    • Students should apply through PharmCAS by January 15th of the year they intend to matriculate
    • Students who do not qualify for priority admission may still apply for the standard admission process. 

    Two program admission options:

    1. Traditional application in senior year to begin Pharmacy students after all completing undergraduate requirements.
    2. The application can occur during the third year of undergraduate studies and the student would complete the BA degree in Chemistry while completing the first year of Pharmacy studies. 
    For more information contact Dr. Beth Funkhouser 
  • Sherman College of Chiropractic 3+1 Early Acceptance Agreement
    Sherman College of Chiropractic logo

    Sherman College of Chiropractic will grant early acceptance to students from Emory & Henry who meet the following provisions: 

    • Students must have successfully completed the prescribed curriculum for the B.S. option requirements for Exercise Science. 
    • Students must have met the minimum “C” (2.0) grade requirement in all prerequisite courses. 
    • Students must have earned a minimum “B” (3.0) cumulative grade point average (GPA)
    • Students will be granted tentative acceptance upon completion of a minimum 45 semester hours, with full approval granted upon receipt of the final semester’s transcript. 
    • Students who completed a prescribed number of hours in specified subjects at Sherman College of Chiropractic will be granted the Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Emory & Henry. 

    The following are required by Sherman College of Chiropractic for admission: 

    • 90 semester hours
    • 24 hours of life and/or physical sciences with at least half containing a lab component
    • 15 hours of humanities and/or social sciences
    •  A “C” (2.0) grade or better in each prerequisite course and a minimum 3.0 grade point average overall

    Courses from Sherman College taken in the first four quarters of attendance that are accepted for reverse transfer to complete the B.S. degree:

    • ANAT 515 Histology & Embryology and Fundamental Pathology (5)
    • ANAT 516 Osteology and Arthrology (4)
    • RSCH 512 Intro to Evidence-Informed Practice (1)
    • TECH 513 Palpation 1 (4)
    • ANAT 524 Musculoskeletal Gross Anatomy (4)
    • ANAT 526 Spinal Anatomy (2)
    • TECH 520 Spinal Biodynamics I (4)
    • TECH 524 Palpation II (3)
    • ANAT 532 Neuroanatomy I (5)

    Beth Funkhouser, Pre-Health Director


    Kendra Strange
    Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
    864-578-8770, ext. 245
    Sherman College of Chiropractic
    2020 Springfield Road
    Boiling Springs, South Carolina 29316

Patient Care Experience Opportunities

Medical Scribe Experience with MountainView Pediatrics

Dr. Rogers and her colleagues at MountainView Pediatrics in Marion, VA welcome students to train as medical scribes to gain valuable patient care experiences. 

The medical scribe will record in the medical chart the history and exam for a patient visit.  Scribes work in partnership with a medical provider keeping the medical record for the provider during the work day. While this role is considered an excellent patient care experience, you do not offer any medical advice or provide direct care for any patient or family. 


  • Students must be fully vaccinated (including flu & COVID) 
  • Students would need to commit to a minimum of 80 hours of volunteer time for medical scribing.  The clinic is open Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings. 
  • Students would need to be available for 3-4 hour blocks two days per week at least every other week (not including travel time).
  • Students will keep up with their own hour tracking for application/prehealth requirements.
  • Students must dress professionally for a physician’s office. 
  • Additional shadowing with providers can be scheduled outside of time spent as a scribe

The clinic will provide training for students on HIPAA, and medical scribing/using the computer software.  (approximately 20 hours of training ) The clinic will provide masks required to be worn while in the office and purchase a set of scrubs for the scribe.  Finally, the clinic providers would offer a letter of reference for students’ time working in the office for graduate school applications. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a junior or senior-level student who is in good standing with the college
  • Should have completed coursework in Medical Terminology (EXSC 213 or Equivalent), Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL 120 & BIOL 121 or Equivalents) 
  • Active involvement with the PreHealth program and planning to apply to a Physician Assistant program or Medical school. 
  • Willing to complete a background check 
  • Be comfortable with technology and have solid typing/data entry skills

Application Process

Interested individuals should complete the application. 

The program is currently not accepting any new scribes.  Please check back later. 

MountainView Scribe Program Application 

Selected applicants will be interviewed for a place in the scribing program. 

This experience can be coupled with an Internship experience (XXX 470) for academic credit, as well. 


Healthcare Professional Certification Opportunities

Student performing evaluation

Volunteer & Employment Opportunities

 Shadowing  Opportunities

To help facilitate any in-person shadowing, volunteer, or healthcare observations please complete the following forms and supply the needed documentation.

  • Pre-Health Shadowing/Volunteer Request form
  • Immunization records including evidence of flu vaccine, COVID-19 full vaccination status, and TB skin test within the year.
  • Many shadowing/observation sites are limited or restricted due to illness precautions/regulations. Please be patient as your desired setting may not be available currently.

Ballad Health For Shadowing at Johnston Memorial Hospital or any Ballad Health Affiliate

Shadowing/Observation has resumed in some areas


Virtual Shadowing

Virtual shadowing opportunities will work for most healthcare fields! Just because it may not be directly with your field of interest does not mean it is not valuable! Many programs like to see you have had experience with other professions!


HEAL 101: Free Virtual Shadowing

Pre-Health Shadowing


On-campus shadowing opportunity for those interested in PA, AT, or Orthopedics

Phil Davis, PA-C & AT staff

  • A limited number of spots are available per session.
  • Please contact Dr. Beth Funkhouser to set up & schedule

Podiatry Shadowing Opportunities

Find a Mentor


Medical Shadow Abroad Opportunities with Atlantis

Learn More

More information available on the Hickory Hall info table & boards