Why Pre-Health at E&H

Healthcare Professions Club officers at campus activity fair

Emory & Henry College has a strong tradition of training healthcare professionals as a part of its mission to serve others. 

The goals of the college’s Pre-Health Program are to educate students about the various healthcare fields and prepare them for entrance into professional training programs beyond their baccalaureate degrees.

Pre-Health Panel

Every year students are able to speak with former alumni who have gone on to graduate school in h... Every year students are able to speak with former alumni who have gone on to graduate school in health related fields.The Pre-Health Program also sponsors or co-sponsors events intended to provide students greater access to professionals in healthcare fields, admissions representatives of graduate healthcare programs, and healthcare-related service opportunities, including the Pre-Health Panel. Students are offered the chance to speak with former E&H alumni, each of whom is now in a healthcare-related graduate program.

Also, the Pre-Health Program interfaces with the college’s admissions office to provide programs for prospective pre-health students and to send correspondence to these students in order to provide them with specific material about the Pre-Health Program.

The Pre-Health Program also sponsors the Pre-Health Club, a student organization that provides informational programs to students who are interested in pursuing graduate and professional training in healthcare. Many of our activities are entwined with the Pre-Health Club.  There are many levels of involvement to meet your interests! 

PreHealth Club Membership Tiers

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Pre-Health offers a one-credit course, Introduction to Healthcare Professions, designed to introduce students to various healthcare professions, interact with professionals in the field and allow the student to begin planning their pathway to their professional goals.

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