Letter from the Director

Emory & Henry College has a strong tradition of training healthcare professionals as a part of its mission to serve others. 

The goals of the college’s Pre-Health Program are to educate students about the various healthcare fields and prepare them for entrance into professional training programs beyond their baccalaureate degrees. To these ends, this website is intended to offer information about the various healthcare professions, an overview of the entrance requirements for the programs that train these professionals, and recommendations about courses at Emory & Henry, as well as other pre-professional experiences (e.g., internships), that will improve your chances of being admitted to the school of your choice.

Some words of caution are in order as you use this website. First, because of the diversity of healthcare programs, the information about these programs, including entrance requirements, are meant to provide students with a representative overview. Within each type of healthcare program, there are often significant differences between qualifications, including desired course prerequisites, standardized test scores, GPA requirements, and pre-professional experiences. Therefore, students should always obtain information from the specific programs in which they are interested as they prepare their educational programs. Second, no website or handbook can substitute for the information and guidance that can be provided by an academic advisor. Members of the Pre-Health Committee, along with other faculty members, have many years of experience in assisting students in preparing for professional training in health care. Therefore, it is critical that you meet regularly with your academic advisor to gain the best advice about ways to meet your professional goals. Third, students who engage in early planning and preparation have the greatest chance of being admitted into the professional or graduate programs of their choice. Therefore, as soon as you know you are interested in pursuing a healthcare profession, you should meet with one of the pre-health advisors to discuss your interests and begin planning your educational program. Finally, if you are interested in a healthcare field not discussed on the website or in the Pre-Health Handbook, please contact one of the pre-health advisors to discuss your interests and to enlist their assistance in learning more about the area in which you are interested.

As members of the Pre-Health committee, we welcome your suggestions about ways to better this website. Therefore, please provide any comments you have about what information would be useful to include or delete in future editions. Also, we are interested in your thoughts about ways to strengthen the Pre-Health Program and hope that you will provide these comments as well. It is our goal to provide you with the best possible preparation to gain admission to the healthcare program in which you are interested. Finally, if you have not done so already, please send an email to the Pre-Health Director (cqualls@ehc.edu) to join our listserv so that you can receive announcements about Pre-Health events/meetings and other information for Pre-Health students.


On behalf of members of the Pre-Health Committee

R. Christopher Qualls, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology & Pre-Health Director