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What’s a Reading Specialist?

A Reading Specialist is a creative collaborator whose job roles can vary from teaching the whole class, to consulting and team teaching with the general educator, or working with small groups or individual students on reading skills — and becomes the catalyst between students, parents, teachers and administrators to increase literacy proficiency.

The E&H Difference:

The current research about all these topics — how to read it and how to evaluate it — is emphasized throughout the program.

A Career With Purpose

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Reading Specialists assist teachers with class

Reading Specialists help foster a love for reading

Reading Specialists MEd teach whole classes


Program Details…

This program is designed for teachers licensed in Virginia who are unable to make a weekly commute to our campus for classes but want to increase their understanding of effective literacy methods for students in grades preK12. The program will have the same content and learning objectives as our current face-to-face program and is approved by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).

Class Schedule, Technology, and Text Book Requirements

  The E&H Reading Specialist online program satisfies coursework requirements for licensure that is only applicable to those who seek teaching license in the state of Virginia.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

As a general rule, Financial Aid and Scholarships are not offered to Graduate students. However, there may be certain financial aid loan options available depending on your circumstances. To learn more about potential loan options, contact the E&H Financial Aid Department at 48bP+6'ANKB*lmir]#[t{I6url|e-%huSNh · (276) 944–6940

User-Friendly Online Learning Environment

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Jordan King Graham, Teacher and E&H Reading Specialist Graduate at Emory & Henry College Jordan King Graham, ’13
Watauga Elementary Teacher
After I finished my undergraduate teaching internship, I knew I needed to further my knowledge of teaching reading to help my students achieve success. I started the reading specialist cohort right after I accepted my first job as a second grade teacher. The professors were highly knowledgeable in reading and writing strategies. Not only was I able to utilize my newfound knowledge in the classroom, but also with my own two children as they develop early literacy skills. I am confident that the research based educational practices I gained at Emory & Henry have benefitted my students.

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Rates that Indicate the Success of our Reading Specialist Program Graduates

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