Tuition Costs / Degree Requirements

MOT Degree Requirements:

The MOT Program curriculum requires seven semesters for completion. MOT students complete all courses in the curriculum in sequence with a minimum grade of C. Satisfactory progress requires an overall 3.00 GPA and achievement of a minimum grade of C in all MOT courses. Students who fail to achieve a minimum grade of C in any MOT course are subject to dismissal. 

Transfer of credits for prerequisites are determined by the office of admissions and the MOT Program Director. Typically, transfer of credits from another occupational therapy program will not be accepted but exceptions may be determined by the office of admissions and the MOT program director. Up to nine transfer credits of equivalent professional-level coursework, as deemed equivalent by the office of admissions and the MOT program director may be accepted from a student who requests to be considered for transfer to the Emory & Henry Occupational Therapy Program. Any student seeking transfer to the MOT Program at Emory & Henry College must be in good academic and professional behavior standards in his/her current occupational therapy program.  

Students must complete Level II fieldwork within 12 months following completion of the didactic portion of the program. 

Tuition & Fees for the

Master of Occupational Therapy Program

Estimated Indirect Costs

  • Textbooks: $2,000.00 (this cost is for all 7 semesters and only an estimate). Textbooks can be purchased through numerous websites or in bundles from the Emory & Henry College bookstore.

  • Personal Laptop Computer (required): $800.00. The price of computers varies widely and depends on model and configuration. 

  • Blue Scrubs (required) and Long Lab Coat (highly recommended for anatomy labs): $50.00 (all students must have and wear blue colored scrubs and a long lab coat while in the cadaver labs).

  • Background Check and Drug Screen (background checks are required prior to matriculation and drug screenings must be completed prior to first clinical rotation - additional back ground checks and drug screenings may be required one month prior to clinical phase of training): $69.00. The program has made arrangements to have this completed through Viewpoint Screening. Additional information will be given once you have been accepted into the program.  Some clinical sites may also require separate and more specific background checks and drug screenings.

  • AHA CPR/BLS for Healthcare Providers Training (required prior to matriculation): Cost varies but can be as low as $8.00 for skills training + $16.00 for textbook. Certificate lasts for 2 years. Students must have AHA CPR/BLS Certification for Healthcare Providers prior to matriculation and must maintain certification throughout their program's duration. Opportunities will be given to renew certification through Emory & Henry College during the program.

  • Health Insurance (required): $3,194.00 annually - subject to change (Student health insurance is required of all full-time students at Emory & Henry College. The College, via the Institutions of Higher Education Consortium Trust, is able to offer all full-time students a competitively priced health insurance plan, underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company.  Students who need health insurance can enroll online at or call (877) 220-1790.  Students are encouraged to check for more competitive rates via the federal government's official ACA website - (you may be eligible to enroll out of the typical enrollment period) - or the general health insurance marketplace website.

  • AOTA Membership (highly recommended upon matriculation): Annual fee of $75.00. Students will be provided information about AOTA membership with their textbook list.

  • Clothing Expenses: The SHS graduate programs require students adhere to a business casual dress code. This may require the purchase of additional clothing to accommodate the dress code requirement. Click here to read our Policy for Attire and Professional Presentation. Clothing expenses can vary greatly depending on individual student needs and choices.

  • Living and other expenses: In addition to the above, students can expect additional costs for room and board, miscellaneous school supplies, etc. Living expenses can vary greatly depending on individual student choices.

Direct Costs

  • Program admission acceptance deposit (100% applied to tuition): $500.o0 (See below for how to make a deposit)

  • Program per semester tuition for students entering MOT program in Fall 2018 (Pending Board Approval): $9,118.00. Total tuition for year one of the MOT program (3 semesters) is $27,353.00. Total tuition for year two of the MOT program (3 semesters) is $27,353.00. Total tuition for year three of the MOT program (1 semester) = $9,118.00. Total tuition for the entire 27 month MOT program (all 7 semesters combined) is $63,824.00*.

  • General College Fees: $200.00 (graduation fee).

  • College Technology Fee: $125 per semester

  • College Activities Fee (Student Government Association): $100 per semester

*Tuition rates for future cohorts may be subject to change; however, a cohort's tuition rate will remain the same for the entirety of their 27 month (7 semester) program. * Fees may be subject to change at any time. 

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for those students who complete the FAFSA form annually.

Click here for more information on financial aid and applying for financial aid.

How to Submit Your Deposit Payment

  • Candidates invited to join the program need to remit a $500.00 deposit to hold their seat.
  • 100% of the deposit is applied towards program tuition.
  • Deposit must be submitted within two weeks of formal admissions offer.
  • Accepted candidates can pay their deposit via check, money order, or credit card
  • For payment by check or money order, mail a check or money order to Emory & Henry College at: Emory & Henry College Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327. Please make sure to include your specific OTCAS application number on the check or money order.
  • For payment by credit/debit card, call our Centralized Student Assistance (CSA) office: 866-794-0010Please make sure to provide your specific OTCAS application number when calling in your payment

Policies Regarding Refunds of Tuition and Fees

  • Refer to the most recent College Academic Catalog for information and details regarding refunds in the event of withdrawal. The information can be found near the end of the Catalog within the Costs section. Click here to access the most recent College Academic Catalog. 

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