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Questions? We’ve got Answers!

Where is the Program located?

When does each cohort start in the Program?

How long is the Program?

How do students apply to the Program?

When will CASPA be opened for accepting applications to the Program?

When does the Program begin interviewing students?

What are the Program prerequisites?

My cumulative undergraduate courses, science courses or prerequisite courses GPA is just under 3.0. Can I still be accepted into the Program?

Is their a certain timeline in which the prerequisite courses must be completed?

Can I apply to the Program even though I still have to complete one or more prerequisites?

Does the Program waive any prerequisite requirements, award advanced standing, or waive any courses?

To apply, what type of academic degree is required?

Can I apply to the Program even though I not yet completed my Bachelor's degree?

What is the minimum required GRE score?

Is their a certain timeline in which the GRE must be completed?

What is your GRE Code for the CASPA application?

What type of health-care related experience is required?

What type of volunteer experience is required?

Does the Program give preferential admission for any student candidates?

For the CASPA application, are specific letters of reference required?

What makes an applicant more competitive for an interview invite and acceptance into the program?

Why does the Program require a background check and drug screen?

How many students will be accepted each year?

Does the Program offer a part-time option?

How does the E&H PA Program promote student learning?

Are students permitted to work while attending the Program?

What will the average day be like?

Is attendance mandatory for classroom and lab activities?

Does the College offer any scholarships to defray tuition costs?

What degree will be conferred upon graduating from the Program?

Is the Program accredited?

Does provisional accreditation allow students to sit for their national board examinations?


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Framed picture of Laura Dowell - AA for the Dept of PA Studies

Still have questions? Feel free to email our program's wonderful Program Manager, Ms. Laura Dowell, or visit our contact page for additional methods to contact us.

Emory, Va. Campus: P.O. Box 947, Emory, Va. 24327 (map)    276.944.4121
Marion, Va. Campus: 565 Radio Hill Rd., Marion, Va. 24354 (map)    276.944.6342 ·  276.781.7200