Faculty Development


Click here to access our Department of PA Studies Faculty Binder (chock full of all sorts of training materials such as: adapting to life in academia; curriculum and exam development and analysis; developing PPT lectures)

The Department of Physician Assistant Studies has a robust faculty development process geared to both new and seasoned academic faculty. Our process involves two spheres of training:

Internal Faculty Development

  • Training within the E&H School of Health Sciences (SHS) and Department of Physician Assistant (PA) Studies
  • Training within the Emory & Henry College faculty development training and seminars

External Faculty Development

  • Training via the Physician Assistant Education Association's (PAEA) Pando workshops
  • Training via the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) workshops

All Program faculty participate in required training and mentorship. Our training sessions cover a broad array of faculty development topics. Examples of these topics include:

  • Understanding and adapting to academic culture from clinical life
  • Lecture development and delivery
  • Syllabi & curriculum development
  • Development and analysis of student, course, and program evaluations
  • Student mentorship and advising
  • Student remediation
  • Best practices in course development and delivery
  • Accreditation issues and processes
  • Program self-analysis and self-study processes


Training occurs upon entry into the PA Program and then at regularly scheduled PA Program faculty retreats.

Additionally, Emory & Henry College has annual training programs held each summer for all faculty as well as opportunities for faculty development throughout the year.


To augment our internal faculty development processes, Program faculty are provided with opportunities to attend both ARC-PA and PAEA workshops. Attendance at some or all of these workshops may be required depending on the faculty members level of experience and teaching background. Faculty are given paid release time to attend such workshops and the price of the workshops and travel expenses are covered by the Department.

  Continuing Education

Faculty are also given release time and monies to attend continuing education conferences to remain up-to-date on their clinical skills and evidence-based practices.


The take away message is that our faculty are very well supported and highly respected and will work in a proactive, enriching, encouraging, and reinforcing environment absent of micromanagement and infused with mentorship and training. 

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