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Our Electronic Resources

Our students have full access to the Kelly Library. The Kelly Library is a member of the Holston Associated Libraries, Inc. (HAL), sharing an online catalog which gives users access to all members' holdings, including a reciprocal borrowing agreement. In addition to many on-site resources, the Kelly Library provides access to over 100 other online databases, such as Academic Search Complete, CINAHL with Full Text, JSTOR, PsychArticles and PsychInfo, PubMed and PubMed Central, and many others. Some of the electronic resources that are particularly beneficial to our School of Health Sciences students are listed below.

Click here to visit the Emory & Henry College's Kelly Library website


Our program will have AccessMedicine as one of our many student resources. AccessMedicine provides online access to some of the most respected medical texts and resources. With these resources, students will have online access to many of our required textbooks as eTexts at no additional cost. Although course directors may sometimes urge students to purchase had copies of frequently used texts that are also available as an eText, there will be times when one of the AccessMedicine eTexts is suitable, helping students to defray costs associated with purchase of required texts.

Click here for a list of all the texts available on AccessMedicine

Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

As a supplement to our anatomy and cadaver lab courses, students have access to Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anat0my. This resource provides students an enhanced foundation for understanding anatomical structure and function via nearly 330 tutorial videos of real human anatomic specimens with moving 3-D structures - muscles, tendons, and joints, step by step dissections from bone to surface anatomy, clearly labeled images, and self-test banks. The entire series has been digitally re-mastered to produce clearer, brighter, and more detailed videos than seen in previous versions.

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DynaMed Plus

Our students and faculty will also have access to the DynaMed Plus database. This database serves as a rapidly updated, evidence-based student and practitioner learning, research, clinical decision making, and continuing medical education (CME) tools covering preventative care, specialty care, pharmacotherapy, and patient education resources.

Click here to visit the DynaMed Plus website

Medline Complete

Medline Complete is a full-text database providing access to over 2500 journals, including top-tier biomedical and health journals. Covering a wide range of subjects, it is an essential resource for medical professionals and researchers engaged in clinical care, public health and health policy development.

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Electronic Resources Through AAPA Student Membership

  • Career Companion: Prep for clinical rotations, graduation and life after PA school with this professional handbook.
  • Moore’s Clinical Anatomy ReviewSix months’ FREE access to Moore’s Clinical Anatomy Review for didactic students.
  • Washington Manual of Outpatient Internal MedicineFREE perpetual access to the Washington Manual of Outpatient Internal Medicine for clinical students.

Click here to learn more about Student Membership in the AAPA

Our Non-Electronic Resources

Besides all the texts and journals available in the Kelly Library, located just 20 minutes south on our Emory campus, MPAS students will also have access to hard copies of our required course texts, other health science and psychology/psychiatry texts - all located right on our Marion campus.

The SHS Marion Campus includes a resource room/library available to students on the Marion Campus. Students have access to a minimum of two hard-copies of all required texts used in the Program that are not freely available as eTexts. Additionally, students have access to supplemental materials. The Program will consider purchasing additional texts based on student needs. Many of our required materials are available as e-Texts at no additional charge to students.

Texts listed as required reading for courses in the Program are considered to be Reference Materials and, as such, have more stringent guidelines for checkout and use. The following policies apply to all Reference Materials available in the Program-specific library:

  • Students may only check-out one Reference Material item at a time.
  • Reference Material items are checked-out on a first-come, first-served basis; students cannot 'reserve' items for future check-out.
  • From 8:00-4:00 pm, Monday through Friday - excluding holidays, Reference Materials may be checked-out for a maximum of two-hours use per day by each student requesting the item. All materials must be returned no later than 4:30 pm.
  • From 4:30-5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday - excluding holidays, Reference Materials may be checked-out for overnight use. All materials must be returned no later than 8:15 am the next morning.
  • From 4:30-5:00 pm, Friday, Reference Materials may be checked-out for the weekend. All materials must be returned no later than 8:15 the next business day, even if no classes are planned for that day. 
  • Students are responsible for the full price of replacing any lost or damaged reference books.
  • Students who do not return items on time or who fail to replace a damaged or lost item, might in the future be prohibited from checking out material. 

To check-out an item, visit the Department of Physician Assistant Studies administrative assistant, Laura Dowell, MA. Ms. Dowell's office is located in the suite of faculty offices on the second floor of the SHS building.

Emory, Va. Campus: P.O. Box 947, Emory, Va. 24327 (map)    276.944.4121
Marion, Va. Campus: 565 Radio Hill Rd., Marion, Va. 24354 (map)    276.944.6342 ·  276.781.7200