Information for Volunteers

Volunteering for the Mel Leaman Free Clinic at Emory & Henry College...

An Incredibly Reinforcing & Rewarding Experience!

Administrative support and fundraising/event support volunteers are provided with the opportunity to truly have a strong positive influence in the lives of others!

For clinicians, practicing at the MLFC can enrich your life, enabling you to practice the highest quality and most patient-centric medicine of your career!

Few experiences can be as rewarding as reducing the suffering of others. At the MLFC, we have the distinct honor and privilege of doing that every single day!

Examples of volunteer opportunities include the following:


Health Care Providers

Physicians and Specialists

Physician Assistants

Nurse Practitioners


Mental Health Professionals


Administrative Support

Front Office Support

Nurse Assistant

Grant Writing

Marketing/Creative Assistance


Fundraising/Event Support

Event Planner

Event Marketing

Fundraiser Planning

Community Partners

For more information regarding Volunteer Opportunities,

click on the following link: For Volunteers

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