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Pre-Health Academic Program

  • About

    Emory & Henry College has a strong tradition of training healthcare professionals as a part of its mission to serve others. The goals of the college’s Pre-Health Program are to educate students about the various healthcare fields and prepare them for entrance into professional training programs beyond their baccalaureate degrees. To these ends, the Pre-Health Program exists in order to provide advice and guidance to students who are interested in pursuing advanced training in any of the healthcare professions. The about section includes a letter from Dr. Qualls, the Pre-Health Director, along with the program's mission and vision statements.
  • Choosing a Healthcare Profession

    You know that you are interested in pursuing a career in health care, but which one? Preparation for entering any of the healthcare professions requires a great deal of personal sacrifice and hard work—and they should! Caring for the lives of individuals (and animals in the case of veterinarians) is critical work that must be performed by smart, caring, and conscientious individuals. Therefore, proper training for entering these fields, both at the undergraduate level and beyond, has to be arduous in order to protect the lives of those who will be patients of these professionals.
  • Academic Preparation

    Although no specific major is required to be accepted into professional or graduate training for any of the healthcare professions, it is essential that you discuss with your advisor which prerequisite courses are necessary as you prepare your course schedules. In most cases, there are majors that fulfill prerequisites for particular graduate programs better than others. This website provides a suggested outline of courses to take during each undergraduate year if you are interested in pursuing a career in health care. In addition to prerequisites, students should also prepare for graduate school by taking entrance exams and gathering letters of recommendation. More information can be found on the website under Academic Preparation.
  • Professions

    View the various healthcare professions and the processes involved in preparing for and applying to graduate programs. The professions that the website focuses on are physician, physician assistant, physical therapist, occupational therapist, pharmacist, dentist, psychologist, professional counselor, clinical social worker, veterinarian, and optometrist. Each profession has individual sections that focus on an overview of the profession, undergraduate preparation, the application process, personal statements, and letters of recommendation. Each profession also has a description of the specific entrance exams required for acceptance into the majority of graduate programs.
  • Appendices

    Appendices A-I cover recommended prerequisites for healthcare programs along with timelines for a variety of medical school professions and careers. Appendix A provides an overview of course and other requirements, along with recommended experience for every healthcare profession. This appendix is best for a general summary of what is required for preparation and application to most graduate programs, but students interested in specific professions should check out the profession's page and timeline. Timelines B through I provide a general outline of how students should plan their last two years as undergraduates to prepare for the graduate school application process.
  • Pre-Health Events

    View a calendar list of important upcoming Pre-Health related events, such as monthly Pre-Health Club meetings, graduate entrance exam registration deadlines and testing dates, and group trips to graduate school open houses. There may also be special meetings in which practicing healthcare professionals come to Emory & Henry College to speak about their experiences during and beyond college. It is important to always be on the lookout for exciting events such as these that will help you gain insight into your field of choice and the field of health care in general.
  • Pre-Health News

    The Pre-Health Club publishes a monthly newsletter about recent or upcoming events within the realm of the health sciences at Emory & Henry College. Each month, the main story will emphasize a particular profession and often feature an expert in the field, sometimes professors at Emory & Henry. Along with the main story, students can view the newsletter for the same upcoming healthcare dates that can be found in the events section of the website.
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  • Summer Internships

    Potential summer internship and research opportunities for student majoring in the health sciences, such as pre-health and pre-med college programs.

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