An Introduction to the Program


Emory & Henry College has a strong tradition of training healthcare professionals as a part of its mission to serve others. The goals of the college's Pre-Health Program are to educate students about the various healthcare fields and prepare them for entrance into professional training programs beyond their baccalaureate degrees. To these ends, the Pre-Health Program exists in order to provide advice and guidance to students who are interested in pursuing advanced training in any of the healthcare professions. This is accomplished by providing accurate information about the various healthcare professions through personal advising and the Pre-Health Handbook, which offers information about the different healthcare professions, recommended undergraduate preparation, entrance exams, and application procedures and timelines. The Pre-Health Program also sponsors or co-sponsors events intended to provide students greater access to professionals in healthcare fields, admissions representatives of graduate healthcare programs, and healthcare-related service opportunities. Also, the Pre-Health Program interfaces with the college's admissions office to provide programs for prospective pre-health students and to send correspondence to these students in order to provide them with specific material about the Pre-Health Program. The Pre-Health Program also sponsors the Health Professions Club, a student organization that meets monthly to provide informational programs to students who are interested in pursuing graduate training in health care.


The Pre-Health Program at Emory & Henry College is devoted to providing support and guidance for undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare-related fields. With a liberal arts foundation, award-winning professors, and research and experiential opportunities, the Program prepares students for entrance into graduate healthcare programs.


The Pre-Health Program at Emory & Henry College will be recognized among its peers as a regional leader in providing support to students who are interested in receiving graduate training in the healthcare disciplines, and it will attract a pool of exceptionally strong students in both academic and extracurricular pursuits that will go on to become excellent healthcare professionals. Emory & Henry College will become the destination college students in the region interested in pursuing careers in health care.

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