Course Selection Guidelines by Year

The following course recommendations by academic year are intended to be used as guides for those interested in the healthcare professions. Students' schedules will deviate from these suggestions as a result of courses taken prior to entering Emory & Henry (e.g., dual enrollment credits; high AP scores) or their levels of performance in prerequisite courses (e.g., minimally passing or failing grades in prerequisite courses). Therefore, it is essential that students work with their advisor(s) to select courses for specific semesters that apply to their individual circumstances.

First year courses for medical fields (e.g., medicine, dentistry, pharmacy):

  • Biology 117
  • Chemistry 111, 112
  • Mathematics; will eventually need to take through Math 152 (Calculus II) and most programs recommend a course in statistics
  • English 101; some programs recommend/require a second course in literature

First year courses for allied healthcare fields (e.g., mental health; occupational therapy):

  • Psychology 101, 102 (may consider Sociology 101 if interested in social work)
  • Mathematics (based on Compass scores); all programs will require a course in statistics
  • English 101

Along with these courses, it is best that you take introductory courses in your intended major, if it is not one associated with the courses above, and courses necessary to fulfill general education requirements (e.g., Transition I; Foundations I).

Second year courses for medical fields:

  • Biology 201
  • Chemistry 211, 212
  • Mathematics (completion of courses through Math 152 and Statistics 161 (162 or 163 are acceptable)

Second year courses for allied healthcare fields:

  • 200- and 300-level courses in psychology (and related fields)
  • Introductory statistics (if not completed previously) and research methods (Psychology 211 or Sociology 330)

Advanced courses in your major, if not one of those above, an introductory course in a potential minor field (if a minor is desired and not one of the above fields), and general education courses (e.g., Foundations II; completion of Modes of Inquiry).

Third and fourth year courses for medical fields:

  • Biology 300, some healthcare programs will require or strongly recommend other courses such as Biology 310 (particularly for DPT applicants) or Biology 332 and Biology 315, Biology 332, and 430 (for medical school applicants)
  • Physics 201, 202

Third and fourth year courses for allied healthcare fields:

  • Additional courses in psychology and/or sociology (if interested in applying to social work programs)

Completion of courses in major and minor (if chosen) fields and completion of general education requirements (e.g., Great Works in Context; Connections). The completion of independent research projects (e.g., Senior Project; Honors Thesis) is recommended. For some fields, such as Physical and Occupational Therapy, internships or other significant practicum experiences are required.

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