Theatre Scholarships

Guidelines for Theatre Interviews, Auditions, and Portfolio Reviews

Prospective students interested in any of our four respective BFA programs must audition for acceptance. You can visit our campus and audition any time or during our Theatre Scholarship Day on Saturday, February 24, 2018. Students are considered for theatre scholarships during their audition and interview for acceptance into the program. All students interested in auditioning for our BFA program must complete an Emory & Henry College application.

While there is no audition or interview for acceptance into our BA degree program, students may also audition and interview for theatre scholarship at any time.

To schedule an audition on campus contact our admissions office. Inquiries should be directed to Professor Kelly Bremner.

Audition and Interview Requirements


  • supply a headshot and resume
  • be prepared for a brief interview

In addition, here are the specific requirements for each BFA/Scholarship track.


Prospective BFA in Acting students should prepare the following:

  • 2 contrasting monologues (no longer than 3 minutes)

Musical Theatre

Prospective BFA in Musical Theatre students should prepare the following:

  • One monologue (no more than 2 minutes in length)
  • One full musical theatre song (recorded tracks will be permitted, an accompanist is not always available).
  • Dance/Movement evaluation.


Prospective BFA in Directing students should prepare the following: (Only one of the following, your choice)

  • Two contrasting monologues lasting no longer than 3 minutes
  • Two contrasting monologues (no more than 2 minutes in length) and one full musical theatre song (recorded tracks will be permitted, an accompanist is not always available).
  • A portfolio of your directing work to date.  A portfolio might include production photos, your annotated working scripts, programs, reviews, etc.

Additionally please be prepared to answer questions from the following list (questions will vary):

  • Who is your favorite playwright and why?
  • Who/what is your greatest artistic influence as a director?
  • Describe your experience at a particularly influential production you have seen.
  • Name a play you would like to direct and tell us why?
  • What do you see as the main role/job of the director in a production?

Production & Design

Prospective BFA in Production & Design students should prepare the following:

Portfolio - Portfolios can be physical paper portfolios and or web-based. Portfolio not mandatory but encouraged.

  • Your Design/Stage Management work to date. A portfolio might include production photos, drafting, renderings, models, prompt script, audio clips, video clips, artwork, programs, reviews, etc.

Additionally please be prepared to answer questions from the following list (questions may vary):

  • Why theatre?
  • What influences you as an artist?
  • If you were not in the Theatre what other career choices would you make?


Theatre Scholarship Audition / Interview

Theatre Scholarship Audition / Interview

The E&H Theatre Department offers the combined strength of a small liberal arts college and the type of Pre-Professional experiences often found only in large conservatories. The Theatre Program provides students with rigorous Pre-Professional Theatre training within the context of a traditional liberal arts college education. The degree options offered by the Theatre Department are designed to equip students with the skills required to succeed in the professional theatre, graduate school, and a wide range of vocations. In addition, the E&H Theatre Department operates in association with the Barter Theatre, a professional LORT D Equity House located in Abingdon, Virginia, ten minutes away from the E&H campus. This association offers theatre majors opportunities for professional internships, mentoring, workshops, and master classes throughout their college career.

The Theatre Department at Emory & Henry College awards a number of four-year scholarships to promising young theatre students. Scholarships are awarded by audition and/or interview, and are available both for performance (acting, directing, musical theatre), and for production (scenic, lighting, costume,stage management, art management, and make-up design). Applicants must be invited to present a scholarship audition/interview. Scholarship auditions/interviews may be presented during a scheduled Scholarship Day or during a regularly scheduled visit to the college.

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Additional Resources

To Schedule an Audition/Interview…

An applicant may be invited to present their materials by one of the following methods:

To present an audition/interview you must have a completed application to Emory & Henry college on file. 

  Scholarship Day Dates & Additional Info

  Submitted E&H Application Required:

If you have not applied yet, you must complete an Emory & Henry Admissions Application to audition/interview. You may apply anytime online at

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