Why Religion & Philosophy at E&H?

Religion and philosophy touch all of life.


For decades, the E&H Religion department has prepared its majors, minors, and other students well for seminary and other graduate work in religion—indeed, seminaries know our students will do well in M.Div., M.T.S., and M.A.R programs.

But even if you don’t see yourself heading toward full-time church work or teaching religion, an E&H Religion major or minor could still be right for you. Why? We live in an increasingly complex and globalized world; such that understanding the global religious landscape is part of foundational cultural literacy in a pluralist society.

Coursework in our department develops your critical and reflective thinking and research skills as you consider the issues that matter most to human beings around the world. Religion majors go on to get jobs in the fields of law, intelligence analysis, diplomacyhuman services, education, counseling, museum curation, archival work, journalism and media consultancy, nonprofit leadership, aid work, and various forms of ministry


The mission of the Religion Program is to train students in the interdisciplinary study of religious traditions, texts, and practices to:

- build religious literacy as a component of civic preparedness to constructively engage religion in the public sphere;

- generate nuanced understandings of diversity within and between religious traditions;

- cultivate critical attentiveness to social, economic, racial, and gendered aspects of religion and religious life;

- deepen familiarity and engagement with the field of religious studies as an academic discipline;

- prepare students to apply the academic study of religion in a variety of vocational, occupational, and educational contexts.



Providing you with techniques of sound reasoning, philosophy majors go on to study law, medicine, religion, and are well prepared for applying to graduate school.

At Emory & Henry, our courses include ethics, argumentation and debate, techniques in reasoning, philosophy of religion, jurisprudence and political philosophy.

We offer both small classes and the opportunity for individualized study in our independent study, senior project, and honors courses. Also, we make it easy for students to double-major in philosophy—only eight courses are required for a double-major in philosophy.