Degrees & Requirements

The Religion Department offers the B.A. degree with a concentration in religion. While certain core courses are required of all religion majors, other course offerings may be selected to meet your interests and needs.

Departmental offerings include introductory and advanced courses in the Old and New Testaments; studies of theologians, Christian history from ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary periods, and Christian ethics; studies of other major world religions (courses include World Religions Survey, Asian Religions, Islam, and Comparative Theology: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam); and practical ministry courses such as Church and Community Ministries. Also available are special offerings such as Contemporary Religion in the U.S., The Christian Faith in Literature, Psychological Development and Religious Faith, Jesus (various portrayals through the centuries), Philosophy of Religion, and courses in Greek – the original language of the New Testament. Senior majors take a capstone seminar with all department faculty involving further development and presentation of student research papers. Majors and minors also have the option of pursuing other topics of interest in independent study or honors thesis work.

Other majors, minors, and courses that combine well with a religion concentration are English, history, art history, sociology, psychology, music, mass communications, political science, and philosophy; we’ve also had students to double major in religion and math or religion and chemistry!