Why Religion at E&H?

Religion touches all of life… 

For decades, the E&H Religion department has prepared its majors, minors, and other students well for seminary and other graduate work in religion—indeed, seminaries know our students will do well in M.Div. or M.T.S. programs.

But even if you don’t see yourself heading toward full-time church work or teaching religion, an E&H Religion major or minor could still be right for you. Why? If you care at all about understanding what’s going on in the world today, the study of religion puts you right in the center of the most important questions.

Whether you’re interested in Biblical studies, Christian history, ethics, and theology, or non-Christian religious traditions, coursework in our department develops your critical and reflective thinking and research skills as you consider the issues that matter most to human beings around the world.

Those skills will serve you well in whatever work you find to do after college, and many of our majors and minors pursue work in human services, business, or further study in other academic fields. As employers say repeatedly, a major in a field like religion prepares you to succeed wherever you go!