Peer Tutoring

The Powell Resource Center employs students to serve as Tutors and Supplemental Instructors (SIs) to help students who are having difficulty with a particular subject. Tutors or SIs are available for a majority of courses, and their services are free to students. To find a tutor or SI, go to Academic Support Services in Wiley Hall, Room 220.

For help writing papers at any stage of the process, visit the Sydnor Writing Lab in the McGlothlin-Street Hall 233. For more information about services and tutoring hours, please visit the Writing Center website.

For help with numbers in any course (math, statistics, research), go to the Qualitative Learning Center (QLC) on the 2nd floor of Wiley Hall.  The QLC is open Sunday through Thursday, 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

The Academic Support Services office can provide session information during day-time hours, or students may view the current list of tutors and SIs here. Tutors and SIs are also posted on the bulletin board across the hall from the QLC.

If you do not see a tutor or SI for the course in which you need help, contact the Director of Academic Support Services.

Differences Between Tutors and SIs

SIs attend class meetings and take notes from which to prepare weekly review sessions. SIs also go through specific training and are introduced to guidelines from the National Supplemental Instruction Program.

Apply to Serve as a Tutor or SI

To serve as a Tutor or Supplemental Instructor, students must meet the following criteria:

  • The student's schedule must allow for at least one group study session per week without interferring with the student's own academic progress. The student must also have time to conduct individual study sessions as needed.
  • The student must possess an 3.0 overall GPA and must have taken the course and earned at least a "B."
  • The student must be recommended and approved by the professor who teaches the course and approved by the Director of Academic Support Services.
  • The student must have good communication skills and be a model student.

If you meet the criteria listed above, download the Tutor/SI Application and return it to the Powell Resource Center.

For more information about the variety of resources available to E&H students, contact Academic Support Services at 276.944.6145 or email the Director of Academic Support Services.