Programs for Individuals

Emory & Henry Open Enrollment programs offer a wide range of solutions for individuals and small teams in the areas of New Business Venturing, Small Business Growth, Executive Leadership, Manager Development, and Strategic Resource Management.

Choose the Executive Program that is right for you:

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    The Certificate in New & Rising Manager Development (NRMD) program has been developed to meet the specific needs of middle managers and aspiring senior leaders who need the support, mentorship and toolkit to navigate the challenges of leading within an organization. 

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  • Executive Education Unpredictable Environments

    Any Business School can talk Leadership. Only a college that offers a “Semester A-Trail” can offer Outdoor Leadership to Executives. The “Nature’s EMBA” is a certificate program catered to the busy careers of chief executives and is an unparalleled opportunity to highlight executive leadership skills amidst the uncertainty of Emory & Henry’s unique natural environment. 

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  • The Certificate in Blockchain Foundations program has been developed to provide an understanding of blockchain principles and an applied foundation for more advanced studies in the field. This course equips executives and business leaders with frameworks and applications of blockchain technology that help drive innovation and business growth. 

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