Degrees & Requirements

The Department of Sociology offers major tracks and a minor.

  • Sociology-Core Courses

    SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (3)
    SOCI 102 Introduction to Inequality (3)
    SOCI 200 Methods of Social Research (4)
    SOSS 301 or SOSS 302* (4)
    SOCI 334 Social Theory (3)
    GNST 203 Transition to the World of Work (1)
    STAT 161 or 162 or STAT 163 (4)
    SOCI 450 Senior Seminar (3)
    Total 25

  • Sociology (B.A.)

    Sociology Core (13)
    Six courses in Sociology* (Chosen in consultation with advisor) (18) 
    Total 31
    Additional Requirements
    One course from: (4)
    STAT 161 Introduction to Statistics
    STAT 162 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
    STAT 163 Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

    Minor (18)

  • Sociology-Health and Human Services (B.A.)

    Sociology Core (25)
    Additional Requirements
    SOCI 305 Problems, Policy, and People (3)
    SOCI 252 Sociology of Health (3)
    SOCI 230 Environmental Sociology (3)
    SOCI 221 Cultures and Peoples (3)
    PHIL 221 Health Care Ethics (3)
    Total credits: 40

  • Sociology-Inequality (B.A.)

    Sociology Core (25)
    Additional Requirements
    SOCI 241 Social Stratifcation (3)
    SOCI 242 Gender and Sexuality (3)
    SOCI 250 Food and Justice (3)
    SOCI 251 Body in Society (3)
    SOCI 270 Race & Ethnicity (3)
    Total credits: 40

  • Minor in Sociology

    A student may minor in sociology by completing 101, 102, SOSS 200 and three additional Sociology courses, one of which must be at the three hundred level, and approved by the department chair/advisor.

  • Minor in Justice & the Legal System

    SOCI 102 Introduction to Inequality or for sociology majors one of the following: SOCI 241 Social Stratification or SOCI 270 Race and Ethnicity
    POLS 117 Law and Society or POLS 103 Politics of the United States
    SOCI 222 Criminology
    POLS 217 Constitutional Interpretation or POLS 317 Civil Rights and Liberties
    PSYC 321 Abnormal Psychology (Psych 102 pre-req)

    One course from the following:
     GEOG 340 Geographic Information Systems
     POLS 400 Moot Court
    SOCI or POLS 470 Internship
     Or elective chosen in consultation with advisor

Applied Data Analysis Concentration

An Applied Data Analysis concentration will enhance your skills in research, data gathering, and project management. At E&H, this concentration is taught by faculty with backgrounds in sociology, economics, political science, law, international relations, geography, and earth and environmental sciences. These professors’ individual expertise brings a multi-layered richness to this research-intensive program that hones skills and leverages theoretical approaches. Find out more about this program here.

Student Testimonial

“The Gender and Sexualities class gives us the opportunity to conduct our own independent research on a topic of our choice; I decided to examine Incel culture in online platforms. I learned a lot from this experience, and I plan to continue researching it for my dissertation. Following graduation, I intend to pursue a master’s degree in sociology or criminology in the UK or the US with the goal of working for the United Nations. I aim to work in the human rights field, focusing more on promoting gender equality globally.” – Molly Reeves, exchange student from England.

“As a sociology major, I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience at E&H. Primarily through Dr. Koch’s Qualitive Research Methods class. In this class I was granted the opportunity to present my group findings to the United Way as well as partaking in semi-structured interviews with distinguished members of the public. This has given me a greater perspective on the field of sociology. I intend to continue into further education and utilise the skills and knowledge learned in sociology. I also intend to continue my athletic career in football/soccer. As the captain of the men’s soccer team, I have learned different ways in which to become a leader on, and off the field. My time in sociology allowed me to demonstrate effective leadership in my research, which has gone hand in hand with my duties as the men’s football/soccer captain.” – Louis Zola Pereira-Scott, International student from Glasgow, Scotland.