Summer Courses

It’s a quiet season on campus—the perfect time and space to pick up a course or two. 

Summer course offerings include popular core curriculum requirements such as Engaging the Liberal Arts (ETLA) courses, online Spanish, and statistics. Additionally, many students take advantage of the season to enroll in for-credit internships both locally or elsewhere. 

Students may enroll in one course during the three-week Summer I and III terms. Students may enroll in up to two courses during the five-week Summer II term. Stay on campus during the summer, and maybe get a job there, too.

Summer Term 2018

Summer I: May 14 - June 1
Summer II: June 4 - July 9
Summer II: July 16 - August 3

Students studying on campus during the summer. 

Summer: The perfect time for an internship

Do you want to stay around campus? Go back home? Or stay with your great aunt Agnes in San Francisco? We can help you find an internship almost anywhere you’d like to spend the summer. Create a great living and learning experience!