Summer Courses

Sizzling summer class savings are now being offered during three summer sessions – either on our beautiful campus or online.

The duck pond makes a perfect place to meet up and study!The duck pond makes a perfect place to meet up and study!

Whether you are a current student, home from the summer, or taking Community College classes, take advantage of summer classes at Emory & Henry College.

It’s the perfect time to catch up on your course load, start a minor or fast track completion toward your degree. And summer credit costs fall as the temps rise. 

Reduced tuition summer 2019– Just $220 per credit! Summer Registrations begins April 1. 

How to Enroll


Log into Self Service to add the course to your course plan for advisor approval.  Then go to register for the course in Self Service.


You can register for summer courses by filling out the special student application.

Summer Session I

EDUC 305 Human Growth & Development 
EDUC 445 Foundations of Education 
EDUC 505 Human Growth & Development
EDUC 545 Foundations of Education 
ETLA 314 GWIC: The Jazz Age 
HHP 105 Archery 
HHP 150 Fitness Walking 
HHP 201 Women, Sport, and Culture
HHP 232 School and Community Health 
PSYC 350 Lifespan Development 
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology 
SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish I 

Summer Session II

CIMT 199 Introduction to Programming 
ENGL 101 Writing
EQST 327 Farrier Science 
EQST 350 Special Topics
ETLA 103 Lifetime Wellness 
HHP 104 Fly Fishing 
HHP 150 Fitness Walking
HIST 111 American History to 1861 
PSYC 101 Psychology as a Natural Science
PSYC 102 Psychology as a Social Science
SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish II
STAT 163 Introduction to Stats for Behavioral Science -

Summer Session III

ACCT 201 Accounting I 
ATR 213 Medical Terminology 
ETLA 103 Lifetime Wellness 
ETLA 308 GWIC: Mozart DaPonte Opera 
ETLA 450 Life and Land
GEOG 111 Human Geography
HHP 105 Archery 
HHP 334 Eval In Physical Education
HIST 112 American History Since 1861