Barter Partnership

E&H Theatre Department officially partners with Barter Theatre, the state theatre of Virginia!Main stage of the historic Barter Theatre in Abingdon

“As an artistic director and one immersed in live theatre every day of my life in what has become one of the nation’s most vital regional theatres, I experience on a regular basis how significant it is that students of theatre immerse themselves in a liberal arts education. Those young actors who have had a well-rounded and all encompassing liberal arts education are better prepared, more fully understand the human condition, more thoroughly explore the depths and the heights of what theatre is really meant to do, and, in general, succeed and move forward in our theatre at a faster pace for having been given the insight and knowledge that only liberal arts can give. For me, understanding literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology and all of the combined aspects that make up a well-rounded, liberal arts education are essential to success within the world of art and theatre.”

— Richard Rose, Producing Artistic Director of the Barter Theatre

Under this partnership, students become acquainted with the Barter players, company, and cast members. They have the opportunity to observe the everyday working of the theatre from production to rehearsals, as well as participate in master classes.

Several company and cast members from the Barter Theatre teach academic courses for Emory & Henry College. 

Kevin Dudley, professor of Design and Production, designs productions for the Barter Theatre. 

Dr. Kelly Bremner works with burgeoning playwrights at Barter Theatre.