At Emory & Henry, we see Women & Gender Studies as both an academic discipline and an opportunity to participate in the community.

This interdisciplinary field examines our cultural and biological understandings of gender and sexuality through a variety of theoretical lenses:  sociology, biology, psychology, literature, economics, political science, mass communications, and more. We explore significant questions: What does it mean in a culture to be “female” or “male”? Or neither? How do we understand sexual attraction and identity? How do we perform our masculine or feminine or non-binary genders in public and private?

But gender doesn’t exist in isolation. We also explore how gender intersects with race, class, region, and other aspects of identity. Gender is a fundamental category of analysis as we seek to understand the operations of power and inequality in society.


  • Minor, Women and Gender Studies

    To examine the history and current status of gender issues, providing theoretical and practical experience in a variety of areas.


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