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No need to delay the start of your future dreams and aspirations. We like go-getters, difference makers and change agents. Start your application today.  Apply Now

We are offering on-campus visits and are continuing to offer other flexible visit options available to meet your needs

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Combining the world of work with a liberal arts core education is a winning combination that future employers and graduate schools desire. With our unique Ampersand Connection Learning, you will start your first year with hands-on experiences that start to build your customized digital resume. Our popular first-year transitions classes open your mind to critical thinking—a very important life skill!
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We invite you to learn more about our curriculum, campus and commitment to you by scheduling a personalized visit or attending an admission event. You can meet with a professor, sit in a college class, discuss college fit, and even enjoy a meal on us. If you can’t make it to campus, take our virtual tour and then contact your admissions counselor.


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