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No need to delay the start of your future dreams and aspirations. We like go-getters, difference makers and change agents. Start your application today .  Apply Now

We are offering on-campus visits and are continuing to offer other flexible visit options available to meet your needs

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Do you like your name? So do we! The family of E&H values you and the talents that you will bring to our campus. We evolve, grow and change every year with new voices, new faces, new ways of thinking.

You belong on our campus and in our community—where we celebrate learning, performing, connecting, playing, designing, practicing, embracing our differences, having fun, building skills, and getting hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom.

This is your time to explore you, the world and find your place. You can and you will succeed at Emory & Henry. We’re here for you–Let’s do this!

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Emory & Henry Office of Admissions invites you to learn more about our academic curriculum, campus and commitment to you by scheduling a personalized visit or attending an admission event.

You can meet with a professor, sit in a college class, discuss college fit, and even enjoy a meal on us. If you can’t make it to campus, take our virtual tour and then contact your admissions counselor.


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