What’s Next?

Welcome new students and congratulations! We’ve selected you for admission based on your academic achievements, outstanding record of extracurricular activities, and your interest in becoming an important member of our campus.

You've made a great decision. CONGRATS! Complete Next Steps

We’re so pleased that you’ve applied for admission, been accepted and have chosen to attend Emory & Henry. As we welcome you to our campus community, this page details the next steps to finalize your enrollment. 

Submit your Enrollment Deposit

Your $200 enrollment deposit reserves your place in the incoming class. The deposit is credited to your first semester of tuition and covers your New Student Orientation fee. 

The earlier you submit the deposit, the sooner you reserve your space in the class.

Submit your deposit online

Or, make your payment by phone at 800-848-5493 or mail a check or money order to: 

Emory & Henry College
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 947
Emory, Virginia 24327

 What’s Next Checklist: 

  • Student Email Account Creation

    After you submit your enrollment deposit, an E&H email account is created for you and you’ll receive an email at the address on your admissions application which will include login information. Login information expires after 120 days, so please reset your password as needed to ensure you can access your account throughout the summer and after. Check this email frequently for updates.

  • Finalize Your Financial Aid & Payment Options
    • If you have not done so, file your FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and use our E&H code: 003709
    • After you are admitted, a Self Service account is created for you and you’ll receive an email at the address on your admissions application which will include login information. 
    • Review your financial aid award letter carefully. Ask questions, if needed. Award is mailed to home address as well as emailed to address on file when you apply. 
    • Finalize your financial aid and payment options on Self Service.
      • Login to Self Service and go to Financial Aid to accept (or decline) your financial aid and complete the required steps in the checklist. 
      • If accepting loans, complete the “Master” Stafford Promissory Note in Helpful Links sidebar.
      • Login to Self-Service and go into Student/Employee Finance. You can view your bill to see any out-of-pocket expenses. You may mail a check or complete an online payment for the amount or choose a Tuition Payment Plan (6-pay plan begins in June, 5-pay plan in July and 4-pay plan in August). All payment arrangements should be finalized by August 1 for the fall semester. 
  • Foreign Language Placement Test

    Take the Foreign Language Placement Test

    Have you ever taken Spanish, French or German before? Would you like to test out of the two-semester E&H language requirement? Or, do you feel ready to take intermediate or advanced foreign language classes?

    **If you have already completed college-level coursework in a Foreign Language, with a grade of C or higher and are able to submit a transcript, you do not have to complete this test.

    You are requested to take your Foreign Language Placement Test before you attend your Emory & Henry Registration Day to determine your placement. 

    The password is: ehc (there is NO “www”) and follow the instructions.

    If you place into 102, 201 or above, congratulations! Your next step is to contact a faculty member in the Department of Foreign Language for assistance. 

  • Math Placement Test

    Take the Math Placement Test

    (if needed)

    You need to take the placement exam if:

    • You want to take Math 123 (precalculus) or Math 151 (calculus) and you do not have AP or dual enrollment credit for the prerequisites.
    • You are placed in Math 100 using your SAT/ACT score and HS GPA and would like to place into a higher numbered course.

    You do not need to take the placement exam if:

    • Your SAT/ACT score and HS GPA have placed you in either Math 100 or Math 121 (College Algebra) and that is the course you want to take.
    • You want to take STAT 161/162/163 and that class will fill the requirement for your planned major (most social science majors).
    • You want to take Math 120 (Math for an Informed Citizenry) and that class will fill the requirement for your planned major (English, and most visual and performing arts majors).

    We have an online placement test through mymathtest.com. The test is progressive, so its length and difficulty changes based on which problems you get correct. Go to mymathtest.comYou will need the following information:

    A valid E&H email address to use as your username.
    • Our school’s zip code: 24327 and name: Emory & Henry College
    • Program ID: XL3F-M1IP-001Z-60W2

    Helpful Details for Math Placement Test

    You have the choice of two tests, depending on which class you are trying to test into. There is a scientific calculator built into the system. Do not use a graphing calculator. You can take the test up to 3 times. There are online lessons to help you with the material you need to learn. For fall placement you need to pass the test previous to the Sunday before classes begin. Taking the test is subject to the E&H Honor code. Cheating will put you in a class where it will be hard to succeed, and you can be subject to honor court.

    Questions? Contact the Registrar Tammy Sheets (tsheets@ehc.edu) with registration questions, your advisor about advising questions, or mathematics professor Dr. Teena Carroll (ccarroll@ehc.edu) with math placement questions.

  • RSVP for Registration Week

    Fall 2020 Semester Registration Day

    All new incoming fall 2020 semester students are required to attend a virtual Registration Day as part of your Orientation to Emory & Henry College. Registration Days are typically held in late May and July. Multiple kick-off dates* are available with options for both incoming first-year students as well as transfers. 

    • First-Year Student Registration Kick-Off Days: Friday, May 15 (sign-up closed); Saturday, June 20; and Saturday, July 11, 2020. RSVP for a First-Year Registration Day
    • Transfer Student Registration Day: Friday, June 5, 2020 (Transfer students do not need to fill out a form to RSVP for Registration Day. We will be reaching out to transfers in early May to begin communicating with them about their summer registration plans.)

    New Student Move-In and Week of Welcome Orientation
    New students come to campus the Saturday before classes begin in the fall semester for a four-day Orientation as part of the Week of Welcome. You will get to know the E&H Campus — and your future classmates — over four fun-filled, entertaining, and informative days.

    Find out more about Orientation Events and Week of Welcome.

    *Kick-Off dates will start the beginning of a 2 week registration experience. Over the course of these two weeks you will hear from different areas across campus, meet with your academic advisor, get the chance to speak with current students, and interact with new incoming students.

    Spring Semester 2021 Orientation

    All new incoming spring 2021 semester students are required to attend Orientation to Emory & Henry College. Spring Orientation is a two-day event for new and transfer students who are joining us in January. Dates for Spring Orientation in 2021 are TBD. 

  • May AP Tests for Fall Enrollment

    Request AP test scores sent to Emory & Henry College

    On AP test date, designate Emory & Henry College to receive your AP test scores on the answer sheet. Or, send scores from your College Board online account. Scores are typically available in early July from APscore.org.

  • June 1 Forms Deadline Fall Enrollment

    Complete and submit required enrollment forms by June 1.

    If you miss the deadline to submit your forms, you may lose your priority placement. Questions? Contact admission@ehc.edu.

    1. Disclosure Form (student must be logged into ehc.edu email account to access)
    2. Emergency Information (student must be logged into ehc.edu email account to access)
    3. Family Data Form (student must be logged into ehc.edu email account to access)
    4. E&H Promissory Note Send to Sunny Crisp at acrisp@ehc.edu in Business Office with Student Accounts, Wiley Hall. (form accepted any of these four ways: 1) digitally signed and emailed; 2) printed, completed, scanned and emailed; 3) printed, completed and faxed to: 276-944-6884; or 4) printed, completed and mailed/delivered to Student Accounts, P.O. Box 947, Emory, Virginia 24327.)
    5. Vehicle Registration or Waiver Form (student must be logged into ehc.edu email account to access)
    6. Optional: View/Add Proxy Access for Parents/Guardians (to view or edit account)
      Note: This does not grant access to student’s E&H email account.
    7. Health insurance is strongly recommended for all undergraduate students at Emory & Henry College for the 2020-2021 school year. Private Health Insurance is required for School of Health Sciences graduate students, varsity athletes, and students in several Affinity Programs including Cheer and Dance, Equestrian riders, Outdoor Programs and Rugby. International Students must have a U.S. accepted policy. Visit the Health Center Insurance page for more information. 
    8. Residential Students: Housing Agreement & Residence Life Data Form
    9. Off-Campus and Commuter Students: Commuter Request Form and Residency Waiver Policies, Procedures and Request Form
  • July 1 Forms Deadline Fall Enrollment

    Complete and submit required enrollment forms by July 1.

    If you miss the deadline to submit your forms, you may lose your priority placement. Questions? Contact admission@ehc.edu.

    1. E&H Immunization Record and Medical Information Form (“Medical Form,” 6-pages, printed)

      To Complete the “Medical Form”…
      Make an appointment with your primary care provider for a physical evaluation and bring this form along for your provider to help complete.
      Complete all six pages.
      Tetanus booster must be within the past 10 years.
      The student needs to sign pages 1, 2 and 6 (or guardian will sign page 6 if the student is under 18).
      The provider needs to sign pages 2, 3 and 5.
      Once completed, mail your medical form to:
      Office of Admission, Emory & Henry College, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327
      Or, fax directly: Emory & Henry College, Health Center • Fax: 276-944-6666

    2. Transcripts: Send final transcript(s) for high school or for any college coursework you have taken such as Dual Credit/Enrollment to Emory & Henry College, Office of Admissions. (or send immediately after graduation/completion of course if after July 1)

    Are you a recruited varsity athlete?

    Complete Student-Athlete Online Forms by July 1 for fall semester and submit the completed “Medical Form” (above) and other needed information. Contact the athletics office or your coach about other requirements for your team or call 276.944.6233 with any questions.

    *Does not apply to club sport athlete participants.

  • August 1 Forms and Payment Deadline Fall Enrollment

    Complete and submit required enrollment forms by August 1.

    If you miss the deadline to submit your forms, you may lose your priority placement. Questions? Contact admission@ehc.edu.

    1. All financial aid forms and payments MUST be finalized. Go to Financial Aid Home on Self Service to see any remaining items in your checklist.
    2. Students may log in to view their account activity through their Self Service account in mid to late-June for the fall semester. Statements will be finalized by July 1 for the fall semester. Statements will not be mailed. Complete all of the above steps to ensure you have the most accurate statement as billing takes into consideration many factors such as your acceptance of financial aid, housing, meal plan, health insurance, etc. Students may designate Proxy Access to Parents/Guardians to assist with viewing and paying their account.
    3. Complete payment arrangements by August 1 or choose Tuition Payment Plans if needed.

View other helpful items:

  • Items to Bring Checklist
  • Spring Semester Move-in Day: TBD January 2021; Fall Semester Move-in Day: TBD August 2021
  • Attend Orientation: TBD January for Spring Enrollment and August 2021 for Fall Enrollment
  • First Day of Classes: TBD January or August 2021
  • Information for Current Students