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Flexible, eight-week online or on-site business classes in Marketing, Income Tax, Management or Information Systems. One night a week study online or in the classroom towards professional development or to complete a business degree.

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If you are looking to obtain credits towards an undergraduate degree in Business Administration or just to brush up on your business skills, look at Emory & Henry’s options at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center


With flexible options to fit your schedule, you choose if you want on-site at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center or online. 

Classes are held once a week from 6-9 p.m. either online or in the classroom.

  • One price! Your e-books are included in the cost of tuition. Just one inclusive price and you’re on your way. Just $395 per credit. $50 deposit to save your space. $1185 per course. 
  • Financial aid available if registered for six or more credits (two classes). 
  • Easy transfer for Virginia Highlands Community College and most other community college associate degree graduates and non-graduates.
  • Time efficient. Designed to have a bachelor’s degree completed in two to three years while attending part-time for those with associate’s degree.


  • ACCT 310 INCOME TAXATION (Federal Income Tax)
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    (Three semester hours)

    Background and history of income taxation; current income tax law, preparation of federal and state income
    tax returns.

    PURPOSE: The course will introduce the requirements of federal tax laws as currently implemented by the Internal Revenue Service, focusing on individual income taxation. Upon successful completion of this class, students should be able to accomplish the following objectives:

    • Understand the importance and relevance of taxation and certain primary concepts that underlie tax law and identify the various types of taxes imposed at the federal, state, and local levels.
    • Explain the general history of the federal income tax system and the influence of the Internal Revenue Service and the courts on the evolution of tax law.
    • Evaluate some of the ethical guidelines involved in tax practice and understand the ethical responsibilities of tax professionals.
    • Distinguish the sources of tax law and be able to locate the sources.
    • Develop an awareness of tax research tools, describe the research process, and understand how to incorporate them into the tax planning process.
    • Understand and apply the components of the federal income tax formula, including but not limited to the standard deduction, personal exemptions, filing status, and the proper procedures for determining tax liability and identifying tax planning opportunities.
    • Identify the components of and exclusions from gross income and understand the concept of realization and the cash and accrual methods of accounting.
    • Explain the difference between deductions for and from adjusted gross income.
    • Understand the tax treatment of certain business expenses and losses, including depreciation, amortization, depletion, casualty and theft losses, and the tax treatment of net operating losses.
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    (Three semester hours)

    Study of the organizational function of marketing, including theoretical and practical concerns from a global perspective.

    PURPOSE: To introduce students to theories and practices of marketing and to marketing decision-making. Students will be expected to understand the complexities of each of the major marketing decision areas (targeting, product, promotion, price, and distribution) and their strategic and operational interrelationships.

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    (Three semester hours)

    Survey of information systems concepts and the design of commercial software systems from a management perspective.

    PURPOSE: To introduce the student to information systems concepts and to the role of information systems in contemporary management strategy and decision-making. Particular emphasis will be given to system design considerations of how humans process information and to the increasing strategic importance of MIS. In addition, students will utilize Microsoft Excel® as an applied business tool.

  • MGMT 345 MANAGEMENT THEORY AND PRACTICE (Management Principles)
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    (Three semester hours)

    Study of contemporary management theory and practice, including traditional principles, functions of management, organizational behavior and international management.

    PURPOSE: To introduce the student to theories and practices of management and to develop decision-making skills and confidence. Students will be expected to understand the separate management functions of planning, organizing, motivating, leading, and controlling as well as how these functions interact with each other and relate to ethics, decision-making, and organizational effectiveness.

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