Re-Admit & Other

Below are guidelines for students who are applying for readmission to Emory & Henry College from previous attendance, and for non-degree seeking students. 


Students who have previously attended Emory & Henry College and wish to be readmitted only need to complete an Application for Readmission.

Apply for Readmission

A summary of the applicant’s experiences since leaving Emory & Henry and a statement of reasons for wanting to return are required. The decision on readmission will be based upon approval by various offices, including Registrar, Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students, and Financial Aid.

Students who have attended other colleges since leaving Emory & Henry must provide official transcripts from those institutions. Classified as Returning Transfers, these students may be eligible for scholarships and grants.

Deadlines for Readmits:

Fall Dates

  • Application: July 15
  • Deposit: August 1

Spring Dates

  • Application: December 1
  • Deposit: December 15

Readmit Fee of $50.00 due at time of deposit.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Special Student Application

Students who wish to enroll in classes but who do not plan to earn a degree from Emory & Henry should complete a Special Student Application. Special students are not eligible for scholarships or grants.