Scholarships & Grants

Emory & Henry College provides a comprehensive program of scholarships, awards and grants to support you in your education. Your application for admission and acceptance opens the door to a partnership we value and take seriously. Let us help you achieve a valuable and connected liberal arts experience affordably!

 Scholarship Opportunities:

Academic Merit Scholarship

An academic merit scholarship is based on your application for admission and takes into account your GPA (grade point average) and performance in the application process. All first-year and transfer students have an opportunity to earn an academic merit scholarship, as well as have the opportunity to audition or interview for additional performance or affinity scholarships. One additional performance or affinity scholarship may be combined with a merit scholarship.

First-Year E&H Merit Scholarships for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Founders’ Scholarship

Resident: $23,000 Commuter: $15,000 GPA: 3.5+
Trustees’ Scholarship Resident: $21,000 Commuter: $13,000

GPA: 3.0-3.4

Presidential Scholarship Resident: $18,000 Commuter: $11,000 GPA: 2.5-2.9
Blue & Gold Award Resident: $16,000 Commuter: $10,000 GPA: 2.0-2.4*

Transfer-specific scholarship information can be found here.
*Additional documentation will need to be provided before an admissions decision is made.

To be eligible for scholarships complete the following as soon as possible prior to the enrollment semester.

  1. Complete an E&H application and send your high school transcript to Emory & Henry College.
  2. Complete the FAFSA, and use E&H FAFSA code #003709

Pell-Eligible Aid

Emory & Henry is proud to offer financial aid for students who meet all admissions standards and are federally pell-eligible. The program will allow an E&H liberal arts education to be more accessible for students, which is consistent with the College’s historical commitment to serving Southwest Virginia and beyond.

Emory & Henry accepts the federal pell grant and state Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) from eligible students to reduce their cost of tuition and fees. Students may be offered loan amounts in order to meet the full cost of attendance. 

To be eligible for additional financial aid, complete the following:

  1. Complete an E&H application and send your high school transcript to Emory & Henry College.
  2. Complete the FAFSA, and use E&H FAFSA code #003709