We’re glad you’re considering Emory & Henry, and we invite you to apply for admission.

We look forward to understanding more about you and your aspirations as we work together during the admissions process. If you have questions, contact our admissions office, and we’ll be happy to help. Also, consider a visit to campus by attending one of our open houses, or schedule a personalized visit. Emory & Henry College accepts the Common Application or E&H Online Application, both with no application fee.

Once you submit your application, we’ll need additional materials:

High School Transcript (required)

We understand not all high schools are the same, so we review your transcript based on your high school curriculum and grading scale. If you have completed AP, IB or Dual Enrollment coursework, you can receive college credit based on the review of your exam scores or transcript.

Admission Requirements:

  • Transcripts must include the senior class schedule
  • 4 courses in English
  • 3 or more courses of Mathematics (minimum requirement completion of Algebra II)
  • 2 or more courses of Laboratory Science (Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry or Physics)
  • 2 or more courses in Social Studies and History

Recommended Admission Requirements:

  • 2 or more courses in a Single Foreign Language (American Sign Language is included)
  • 1 or more courses in Fine Arts

Standardized Test Scores (not required)

Emory & Henry is test-optional and standardized test scores are not required for an admission decision. If you wish to submit a test score, Emory & Henry College accepts either the ACT (4350) or SAT (5185) and will compile a super score based on the best sub-scores. Homeschool students are required to submit standardized test scores. 

Essay (not required) 

Applicants are no longer required to complete an essay as part of the application.

Letter of Recommendation (optional)

Though not required, you may submit no more than three letters of recommendation. It’s advised these letters come from individuals who know you best and can provide insight into your abilities and skills.

Campus Visit (recommended)

The optional campus visit is a time for you to “set yourself apart” by letting us get to know more than just your statistics. You’ll have the opportunity to tour the campus and see what it’s like to be an E&H student. An information session can be conducted on campus, during your personalized campus visit or by scheduling a time with your personal admissions counselor, contact them today.

Early Assurance Programs

The Department of Physical Therapy Early Assurance Program offers a select number of talented high school seniors a position in the Emory & Henry College Doctor of Physical Therapy program. This program offers selected undergraduate students a position in the graduate program after completion of the DPT Program prerequisite course requirements and an undergraduate degree from Emory & Henry College. More information about this program can be found here.

Verto Education – Study Abroad for First-Year Students

Verto Education logo

Emory & Henry College is partnering with Verto Education to provide optional study-abroad opportunities for first-year students. Students study abroad their first year and then join Emory & Henry on campus their second year with all credits transferrable and on the track to graduate in four years. Students are dual-enrolled with Verto & Emory & Henry College.

First-year students can begin their college journey abroad in Argentina, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, England, Italy or Spain. Verto program participants are introduced to college with an international perspective. Working with a mentor, participants unlock their potential by exploring possibilities and making new friends. Outside of coursework, students experience workshops, excursions and cultural immersion programming.

More information can be found on the Verto Education website or you can contact the Emory & Henry Office of Admissions at

Additional Resources: