We’re glad you’re considering Emory & Henry, and we invite you to apply for admission. 

First-Year Application for admission

We look forward to understanding more about you and your aspirations as we work together during the admissions process. If you have questions, contact our admissions office, and we’ll be happy to help. Also, consider paying us a visit soon, by attending one of our open houses or scheduling a personalized visit to campus. Emory & Henry College accepts the Common Application, E&H Online Application or Cappex Application, all with no application fee.

Once you submit your application, we’ll need additional materials:

High School Transcript (required)

We understand not all high schools are the same, so we review your transcript based on your high school curriculum and grading scale. If you have completed AP, IB or Dual Enrollment coursework, you can receive college credit based on the review of your exam scores.

Recommended Admission Requirements:

  • 4 courses of English
  • 3 or more courses of Mathematics (minimum requirement is through Algebra II)
  • 2 or more courses of Laboratory Scrience (Physics, Biology or Chemistry)
  • 2 or more courses of Social Studies and History

Elective Recommended Admission Requirements:

  • 2 or more courses of a Single Foreign Language (American Sign Language is included)
  • 1 or more courses of Fine Arts

Standardized Test Scores (required)

Emory & Henry College accepts either the ACT (4350) or SAT (5185), and will compile a superscore based on best sub-scores. Homeschool students are required to submit standardized test scores. 

Essay (required) 

All applicants must submit a minimum of 250 word essay. We have provided you direction by including essay prompts on our application. 

Letter of Recommendation (optional)

Though not required, you may submit no more than 3 letters of recommendations. It’s advised these letters come from individuals who know you best and can provide insight into your abilities and skills.

Interview (optional)

The optional interview is a time for you to “set yourself apart” by letting us get to know more than just your statistics. Interviews can be conducted on campus, during your personalized campus visit or by scheduling a time with your personal admissions counselor, contact them today.

Raise.Me Profile (optional)

Get an early indication of your potential Academic Merit Scholarship by creating a Raise.Me Profile. And, after creating your profile it’s as easy as:

  1. Add your Achievements Starting July 1 of Freshman Year to October 15 of Senior Year
  2. Earn Micro-Scholarships
  3. Submit your Earnings

*Students must maintain a cumulative, unweighted high school GPA of 2.7 to begin earning micro-scholarships and must submit their earnings by October 15 of their senior year.